Today’s Racists Are Monsters

It’s hard to describe the horror of the thinking going on between the ears of some of the deeply ugly people who are today’s racists.

Here’s some background.

Back in January of this year, young Otto Warmbier was arrested in North Korea for allegedly stealing a poster from his hotel room. Warmbier was visiting North Korea as a tourist. During Warmbier’s confinement in North Korea he was tortured, and at some point in June suffered a fatal injury of some sort. He didn’t die right away, but slipped into a coma from which he never emerged. He died last June 19th, just six months after being arrested, only 22 years old.

Below is a summary of how a certain Alliyah Gallows responded to this horrible thing that happened to another human being(1). Please feel free to read what’s at the other end of the above link… but I don’t recommend it. Unless, that is, you don’t mind reading a mindless, heartless, soulless assault on all that you’ve ever known as decent, important, meaningful or valuable.

I’ll begin with a few quotes:

POC across social media have been having a field day with the news of Otto Warmbier’s death.  Now, for those of you who are like, “Um…who dat?”, Otto was the White dude who went to North Korea, stole a government poster, and was sentenced to 15 years hard labor.  Come to find out, he spent his first year and some change in a coma, and was medically evacuated, only to die once he returned to the States.

And the White tears haven’t stopped flowing since.

I added the red highlight. You’ll see that the highlighted text represents a trend in this horrid “Alliyah’s” thinking. If you read the above quoted passage, you realize also that “Aaliyah” has stated that “POC” (“people of color”) are, in the vast majority, evil, disgusting monsters.

Another quick reaction: A “field day?” “White tears?” First, there was nothing in the young man’s horrific fate that caused anything resembling a “field day.” Only deep, deep sadness, for a promising life cut short through the evil machinations of other humans. The above is the opening to “Alliyah’s” commentary about Otto Warmbier. Her casual, couldn’t-care-less approach doesn’t get any better.

It’s the last line in the above that’s interesting. Those weren’t “White tears,” those here human tears; tears of sadness for the abrupt, violent elimination of a future for a promising young man. The reaction of everyone with a heart, or a soul, would have been absolutely the same, regardless of the skin color of Otto Warmbier.

Here’s some more sweetness from “Alliyah.”

First of all, people need to stop talking about the poster.  This was never about the g#####n poster. Otto’s crime was not theft, it was traveling to a country where he wasn’t really wanted in the first place and then flexing his white privilegeHe assumed nothing could go wrong and if it did, nothing bad could actually happen to him, because he was White and an American citizen.

It just so happened that North Korea didn’t give a f##k.

How does this disgusting, horrible racist of a person know what Otto Warmbier did in North Korea? She says he went there and “flexed his white privilege.” Oh? How does this idiot know that?!?

Answer: She doesn’t. She hates the now deceased young man because he’s… white. In classic racist fashion, this ridiculous, primitive neanderthal of a woman made a bunch of assumptions about Otto Warmbier… because of the color of his skin. 

“Alliyah” goes on to say that Warmbier was stupid to go to North Korea in the first place, and I have to admit that thought had crossed my mind as well. She then adds this “woke” tidbit:

Someone recently said that you know Trump’s presidency is seriously f##ked when you’ve got Black people rooting for the FBI.  The same thinking applies here.  You know POC are beyond fed up with white privilege when they’re rooting for North Korea.

No: “Rooting” for North Korea against a 22-year old innocent young man is depraved. At all times and in all circumstance. “Rooting” for North Korea, then laughing and joking about an atrocity that North Korea commits against a young man, is even more depraved. Laughing and joking about the atrocity that befell Otto Warmbier because the young man’s skin is white? You tell me. Are there words worse than “depraved?” Worse than “more depraved?” Worse than “evil?”

Let’s face it: There are disgusting, ugly, vile people “out there” in the world. There are plenty of them atop the North Korean leadership. “Alliyah” is also one of those revolting, nauseating people… and right here in America!

“Alliyah” cites “sources” Here they are: here and here. Massively, reactionary, neanderthal, bigoted blogs, run by… racist dirt bags. Sleaze balls. Primitive, uneducated, ignorant pissants. These are the people to whom I’ve often referred, who couldn’t find Florida on a map of… Florida. On a map labeled: “Map of Florida.”

Let’s face it: Their ignorance isn’t t limited to geography…

Dumb as a stick, these are the ones whose only recourse when you engage them is to call you a racist. You might know them as “Democrat Members of Congress,” or as “Barack Obama,”… or as “Aaliyah Gallows.”

Look, when you’re ugly, and disgusting, and evil, and a pig, then you’re ugly, and disgusting, and evil and a pig. “Aaliyah” is ugly, and disgusting, and evil, and a pig.

I pray that Otto Warmbier’s family never hears her disgusting name, or sees a syllable of her ugly, neanderthal, reactionary, racist, primitive “work.”

Furthermore, I pray that something or someone will soften the horrid, hard, ugly heart of “Aaliyah.” Remember: this is, apparently, someone who kisses her children at night, and who’s desperately grateful when her children  make it safely to the end of another day. This “Alliyah” is a woman who also rejoices, and mocks, and jeers at a family who lost a beloved son, brother, nephew and cousin.

Otto Warmbier’s family was, by all accounts, a family who would want nothing more than that you rejoice in the warm embrace of your son, brother, nephew or cousin, and whose delighted tears at your happiness would conceal the pain of their loss.

“Alliyah” is overjoyed at the sadness and pain of the Warmbiers. The new racists, today’s racists… are monsters.

— xPraetorius


(1) At least the racists from the Race Grievance Industry have not yet tried to claim that Otto Warmbier wasn’tt a human being. By contrast, they have tried to claim — in good ol’ fashioned Nazi fashion — that black people are “the Master Race.” Google “Dr. Llaila Afrika,” for example. Or “Brotha Wolf,” Or “Abagond.”

These are the 21st Century’s Nazis.

8 thoughts on “Today’s Racists Are Monsters

  1. Yeah, I’m seeing this stuff more and more. Hence one of the reasons I fired up this blog. I can’t stay silent when I see people literally cheering for white people dying. Like in the Las Vegas massacre, more than one twitter account was applauding the shooter for killing lots of white people.

    I don’t expect a world where this doesn’t happen…but what chills me is that people are publicly expressing an overt racism towards white people. Almost like it is accepted. A quick study of history make it pretty clear what could happen when one group is blamed for all the ills of the world. Doesn’t end well.

    1. Yep. I remember the account too, GF, of the people cheering the deaths of white people in the Las Vegas massacre.

      Your observation that this kind of monstrosity is on the rise is a good one. And an important one. In certain circles, rooting for the deaths of white people is acceptable. We’ve documented a good deal of the seedy underbelly of the Race Grievance Industry, and it’s not a pretty sight.

      Furthermore, it bears more than a passing resemblance to other movements of the not so distant past: For one, the 1920’s and ’30’s Eugenics movement, and, of course, the Nazis of the ’20’s, ’30’s and ’40’s.

      It’s notable that the only political tendency that didn’t abandon Eugenics shamefacedly was the political Left. That remains true. As we noted in these pages, the Left is hell-bent on controlling (1) when we enter the world, and (2) when we leave it. This is what they have long meant by “Population Control.”

      I know, I know, I know… it all sounds like a bunch of loopy conspiracy theory stuff, but if you’ve studied totalitarian régimes for as long as I have, you realize that when the Left takes over complete control of a country, then “Population Control” as I’ve described it is exactly what they do. Take a look at China. Their “One Child” policy is exactly that. And, of course, the consequences, for both China and the world, of some 25 million unmatchable young men loose in the country will inevitably be disastrous.


      — x

  2. I agree 100% with your post. Racists have always been monsters.
    Statements like the ones made by this women would be totally unacceptable if they were made by a white person and if they were about black people. and I’m glad that it’s totally unacceptable, but I’m worried because it has become acceptable to talk in such a way about white people. It should be unaccaptable to talk about ANYONE in such a way. I paraphrase Leon Poliakov, a French Historian who wrote extensively about racism, antisemitism and the holocaust: One important step to genocide is the dehumanization of the group that is the target of the genocide. I don’t see a genocide happening in the USA in the near future but if widespread anti-white racist rhethoric was to become the accepted norm in the public discurse I could see a rise in racially motivated murders of white people. We see that already happening in South Africa where the ruling marxist ANC is not only perfectly ok with anti-white rhetoric but where the current president Jacob Zuma was singing before a crowd of supporters “We are going to shoot them (the boers) with the machine gun.”
    South Africa has seen a dramatic increase in the torture and murder of white farmers in recent years.
    When black racists talk about a “black master race” they don’t need to explicitely claim that white people aren’t human beings. A master race implies that all the other races are LESSER human beings. Just like the nazis had a system where some races were viewed as the higher evolved ones and others like the Jews and the Blacks were viewed as being closer to the animal kingdom.
    Black racism is no less ugly and disgusting than any other racism.
    In contrast to judeochristian belief which views all humans as being created in the image of God, each with the same intrinsic value, Racism, a product of darwinism, divides people into lesser and higher evolved human beings.
    It is therefore no coincidence that “progressives” have always been at the forefront of racist ideas and ideologies.
    Just look at the story of Ota Benga, the African man who was displayed at a New York zoo.
    Look at what Christians and what “progressives” had to say about this man.

  3. So, this is your motive, eh? Seek out black bloggers who discuss white racism in any way, express their views and blog about how horrible they are? First it was Abagond (as far as I know), then me and now Alliyah a.k.a. At The Bar.

    I wonder who’s next. The Root? The Grio? Colorlines? New Black Man? Essence? Ebony?

    And I see you’re still ranting about Obama, and virtually silent about Trump. And yet, you’re not racist, huh?

    Yeah, you’re totally different from the likes of the alt-right, New Right and far right. SMH

    1. Lol! Not exactly, BW… I have gone out in search of bloggers of all colors and stripes who know something about the topic about which they’re so exercised.

      First: you are woefully ignorant of a topic that you insist is important to you. That’s inexcusable. Forgivable, but inexcusable. Second: You endorsed the monstrous sentiments expressed on “Alliyah’s” blog.

      Congratulations, BW: You’ve now, enthusiastically endorsed “diary’s” sentiment that she hopes all white people die violently as the result of what she calls a “solar assassination,” and you’ve sneered and jeered at the torture death of a young white man who never did anything to you whatsoever.

      You should be deeply, deeply ashamed of yourself. I would be. but, then I have a conscience.

      You are correct about one thing: Obama is a racist, while Trump is not. Therefore to rant about Trump’s racism would be the same thing as accusing Shaquille O’Neal of being short. Why rant about something that’s not true. So, yes, also I’m not a racist. Thanks for realizing it and for pointing it out.


      — x

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