Racism is a Problem on the Left, NOT on the Right

We’ve said it for a very long time, and we’ve backed it up — in great detail — and we’ve even gone into lengthy debate about it on so-called “anti-racist” web sites and blogs, which have all turned out to be thinly-veiled covers for… racism. (here and here, for example)

What is “it” that we’ve said for a very long time? Well, it’s the headline: Racism is a problem on the Left, not on the Right.

Here’s some more support for our conclusion:

As you can see, Ben Shapiro poses the question “Do Black Lives Matter to Black Lives Matter” (the “Black Lives Matter” movement)?

We posed that same question in these pages then, like Shapiro, answered it: here.

In Shapiro’s video, he does as we did, and calls out leading luminaries of the Left like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for their actual racism. For the actual effects their policy prescriptions — that have for the most part carried the day in America — have had on actual black people.

We published our post on August 9, 2015, while Ben Shapiro posted his video almost a month later, proving once again that (1) we, along with Ben Shapiro, are ahead of our time, and that (2) great minds think alike.  🙂

The point, however, was not to say that we said it first, because we didn’t. It was, however, to point out that there are brilliant commentators out there saying exactly the same thing we’ve been saying.

In some of the debates we’ve had at the Race Grievance Industry a common accusation against us was that we were ignorant, or that we had nothing to back up our assertions. Shapiro’s video proves the contrary. There’re tons of evidence that the real racism problem in America — and there is one — rests on the political Left, not on the Right.(1)

— xPraetorius


(1) Before the pickers of nits in the RGI get their panties all in a bunch, I’m not saying that there’s no anti-black racism on the Right, just that there’s little, and that actual anti-black racism, that actually represents a problem, that actually should be addressed, is… on the Left.

Furthermore, the real racists in America are furiously and operatically proclaiming their own pure racial enlightenment, while frantically waving the banner of anti-racism, and that’s how you’ll be able to identify them. In our topsy-turvy world, the real racists are striving desperately to divert your attention from their own racism.

Needless to say, the media are aiding and abetting the leftist fraud. They’re finding the odd right-wing racist out there, while ignoring the tsunami of truly condescendingly racist thought coming from the Left. It’s like the cop who, in the middle of a riot, arrests the guy being beaten up and charge him with breach of the peace.

2 thoughts on “Racism is a Problem on the Left, NOT on the Right

  1. When the phrase “It’s okay to be white,” inspires outrage…you know you have a problem. I grew up in a liberal family, and have since migrated to a conservative one. When it comes to actual acts of racism, it is the liberal side that does it most. Purse clutching, classist, discriminatory. The conservatives I know would have no problem sitting down with another man of any race and have a drink. As long as that person loved America.

    The liberals I know would never do that, because “We don’t go to that part of town.” They’ll advocate for the welfare of minorities, only so long as they pull the strings on the welfare. While conservatives are offering the complete opposite. True freedom, agency of self. The liberals I know seem to think LGBT, racial minorities, or any victim status makes people incapable, invalid, weak. “They can’t do X, because they ARE Y.” Conservatives seem to abhor identity, with one exception. Are you my countryman? If so, you are capable of anything.

  2. Trenchant observations, GF! On the nose too. You neatly summarized the leftist state of mind with, “We don’t go to that part of town.” And you did likewise with the Conservative state of mind with, “The Conservatives I know would have no problem sitting down with another man of any race and have a drink. As long as that person loved America.

    It’s been my experience that all the Conservatives ,i>I know actively seek out people of different races, sex, outlooks, perspectives, to “have a drink,” to learn, and to partake in the entire American experience. The experience that possible only in America.


    — x

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