Thanksgiving Prayer

We wish you, and yours, a wonderful, fun, laugh-filled, love-filled, sweetness-filled, joyous, ridiculously, riotously, through-the-roofly delightful Thanksgiving!

We wish you many, many more indescribably heavenly Thanksgivings, and that each and every one —  no exceptions — be better, sweeter in all respects, by far, than the one before.

Please thank God for all the gifts that He has bestowed on you, and please offer a brief prayer for my sweet daughter and son who both serve this magnificent, unprecedentedly free, prosperous, civilized country, in traditional ways (the military), and in unheralded ways (quiet, heartfelt love of America).

We love you all, and we’ll offer a version of that prayer for you and yours every day.

A personal observation: Every prayer that I’ve ever prayed has been answered. Every single one. The answer was (1) rarely (almost never) as I wanted it to be, and (2) always better than what I prayed for in the first place.

Could it be that God knows me better than I know me? 🙂

— xPraetorius


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