Mike Says a Mouthful!

##  About Socialism  ##

In this post here, Mike said the thing below, that I wish I’d said myself. There are some phrases that sum up massive amounts of truth in just a few words. Here’s one:

They [The Left] see Government as the Savior.

That fact alone is the most dangerous as they strive to provide Government with ultimate, unchecked, power to Force.  If Government is the Savior… then why restrain it in any way?

If Government is the Savior… then why restrain it in any way?

Why, indeed?

And why don’t we all take this extremely commonsensical, rhetorical question, and its equally obvious answer —  and run with it?!?

Government is not the Savior… quite the opposite, and we should hobble, restrain, limit, chain, shackle, hamstring, button down, lock down and lock up government in every way possible.

If we did that, then there would be no corrupt Left, because of the simple fact that we’d have declared what everyone already knows to be true: The basic premise of the Left is the very foundation of tyranny, and needs to be eradicated from society. 

Otherwise stated: the eradication of the ideas of the Left is the single most important prerequisite for any successful society.

The rest of Mike’s essay is worth reading too. He’s a clear, insightful thinker, who cuts neatly to the chase. I’m a big fan of his blog.

— xPraetorius

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