Harvey Weinstein — The REAL Story (Part II)

You see it already: “The Academy of Motion Pictures and Other Assorted Hogwash and Flapdoodle” kicked Harvey Weinstein out today, or yesterday, or whenever. The vote was unanimous, by the way. Yuh. Okay. Who was going to vote against that?

Anyway, it was their statement that was the real story. It was something like, “There will be no more sexually predatory behavior in Hollywood!”

What a glorious, ringing declaration, eh?!? Whew! Hollywood’s long, national nightmare is over! Peace for our time! We have overcome, and we are out from under the thumb of the raging, turgid, tumescent tyrant!

Uh, yeah… that’s what we’re supposed to believe. And, that’s what all of Hollywood desperately hopes you’ll believe. But there are other rumblings. Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Matt Damon… these “beloved” stars are now in the spotlight. Will they escape? Probably.

The point: Harvey Weinstein was only the tip of a much, much larger, even uglier iceberg. If you were to banish from Hollywood everyone whose behavior is within just a standard deviation of Weinstein’s then there’d be a whole lot of cheap abandoned luxury real estate around to snap up.

— xPraetorius

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