Harvey Weinstein — The REAL Story

We’re going to make a much more realistic appraisal of  Harvey Weinstein, the legendary Hollywood doler-outer of money, fame, power and prestige… and pervert. It’s not a pretty picture for anyone involved in this pathetic story.

This is going to sound cold and callous: I have almost no sympathy for Harvey Weinstein’s “victims.”

Why? Simple: it’s really hard to classify as a “victim” someone who, presented with the following deal: “A distasteful hour or two with a pervert, in exchange for millions, tens of millions of dollars, and potentially decades of fame, prestige and fortune”… took the deal.

Harvey Weinstein is a pervert. Everyone’s known this for decades. So many women took the above deal.

I asked several women (half-a-dozen or so) close to me for their opinion of Weinstein and of what he did for decades to women in Hollywood. To a woman, they all spluttered on a bit about what a pervert, and a predator, and a jerk, and a dirtbag he is, and has always been.

Then, I asked them what they would do if they were presented with a choice to watch Weinstein pleasure himself(1) in exchange for millions of dollars, maybe tens of millions of dollars… or not. Again, to a woman, they all said they’d watch the surreal, farcical show… and take the money. It wasn’t even close!

My little survey was hardly conclusive, but there’s another survey “out there” that is: the dozens of women who all, apparently, made that bargain, with very few refusing, and making any attempt to out the dastard. To be fair, some women did act to try to stop Weinstein, but far more who had taken the money and fame did their best to collaborate with the pervert and to shut them down.

Let’s be a bit blunt: None of the women who took Weinstein’s bargain had to. There was no one pointing a gun to their head, as there were in, say, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, with his infamous “rape rooms.” Not one single woman had to sell her dignity, her virtue or her personal integrity for Weinstein’s money. But they did. By the dozens.

When I reminded the women in my little “survey” of that last obvious fact, they all said something along the lines of: “Well, yeah, but why wouldn’t they? I mean it was millions of dollars!”

This whole thing reminds me of the old joke (later made into a movie called, I believe, “Indecent Proposal”):

A man approaches an attractive woman on the street and says to her, “Would you have sex with me for a million dollars?” She sizes him up and replies, “Yes, I guess so.” He presses, “Would you have sex with me for $100?” Shocked, she says, “What do you think I am, some kind of whore?” The man replies, “We’ve established that, we’re just haggling over price.”

The “victims” of the pervert all had the chance to say, “No, that’s just not something I’m willing to do at any price.” Apparently none of them did. Worse, more than a few of them helped Weinstein continue to be an active pervert. It’s this last fact that trumps all others. No one had to take the faustian bargain that Weinstein was offering.

I hear you saying, “Wait a minute! If they didn’t take the bargain, then Weinstein might have ruined their career!”

Yeah. So? They might have had to make an honest living, like the rest of us. Awwww… Was their virtue, their honor, their personal integrity so cheap that a pervert could come along and take it… for money?

To repeat: They never had to strike the deal with the pervert in the first place! Never.

There are many conclusions to be drawn from all this, and all of them are ugly, all of them are well-known, and one of them doesn’t show modern women in a very good light.

  • Weinstein is only one pervert among many in Hollywood. How many? Thousands? Tens of thousands? 
  • Hollywood is overwhelmingly politically leftist. Yes, there is a connection. 
  • Sexual perversion is overwhelmingly a problem of the political Left, who long ago signaled that they reject traditional values, and who certainly don’t feel compelled to comply with the values they’d impose on everyone else.
  • Sexual harassment is, apparently, just not all that big a deal for modern women. In fact, it appears more like an opportunity to obtain wealth, power and prestige.
  • It’s time to start suggesting to women that if they actually disapprove of sexual harassment, then maybe they shouldn’t accept sexual harassment from perverts for money. Otherwise, please spare us all the righteous indignation.

Here’s the one that doesn’t cast modern women in a very good light:

  • Apparently a whole lot of modern women (Hollywood actresses, would-be actresses, and the group of women in my survey), hold their honor and personal integrity cheap.

Needless to say, this last conclusion, though obvious, has another concomitant corollary:

  • A whole lot of modern men have abysmal morals.

Interestingly, every time something like this raises its ugly head, Conservative morals, mores, thinking, beliefs, states-of-mind come out of it looking really good.

In the meantime, spare me, please, all the moral posturing and virtue signalling about Weinstein. It’s been known for decades that he’s the deviant male slut that he is. People sure liked his money, though! And all the fame that came with being in his movies. And all the prestige that made them able to stand up in front of various awards ceremonies and preach to the rest of us. You know, to those of us who never willingly palled around with a known sexual deviant? And all these “victims” were willing to put up with Weinstein’s nonsense to obtain all his goodies.

Now that Weinstein’s finished in Hollywood, and probably in America, these “victims” are the same ones who, having just returned from the bank, to which they drove in their Weinstein-financed limo, are now dancing on his grave and wailing on about how traumatized they are. Spare me.

Finally, what I’ve always suspected is that this notion of “sexual harassment” being a big deal is hogwash.

Yes, it’s a spectrum, but the extreme side of it strikes me as something along the lines of being coerced into watching a perv(2) like Weinstein pleasure himself and finish off in a potted plant. If someone is permanently damaged by this ridiculous spectacle, then that person needs to grow a spine.

Gross? Yep. Permanently debilitating or scarring? Of course not!

Emergency room nurses put up with a lot more rugged sights every day than pathetic, old Harvey Weinstein. They wouldn’t curl up in the corner and go all catatonic at the sight of the Weinstein follies. They’d roll their eyes, forget about it, and get on with their day.

Frankly, if you were to offer me — a thoroughly straight man — the bargain: “Watch Harvey Weinstein fool around with himself for 10 million bucks,” I’d be sorely tempted. Before I’d say, “No.”(3)

— xPraetorius


(1) Or worse. There are serious allegations of rape in the “bill of particulars” against Weinstein. However, that only reinforces my points: Rape is a serious felony. Where were the charges? The police reports? The Investigations? Yes, New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance sure looks bad in this. But, as you and I both know, the Left sicks together… even in the face of serious, credible allegations of rape. Bill Clinton anyone?

(2) I had to think about this word for a bit. It seemed like a cheap, salacious pun to use things like, “nut job,” “nut bag,” “whack job,” “whacko,” “jerk” in this particular context. It’s interesting linguistically that the derogatory terms we have for people so often center on either sexual organs or sexual activities.

(3) Or, at least I hope I’d say, “No!” One never knows until one is faced with the actual temptation. Since I’m confident I’ll never face that situation, even my moral posturing in that last paragraph is cheap. In my life, I have sold my honor, my virtue and my personal dignity for money. Not to perverts, but to other underwear models in Paris like me. The point of this confession: I know what I’m talking about, and — the key difference — I’ve never complained or whined about those who exploited me while I lived in Paris. Because I took part willingly. Do I regret it? Yep. But I recognize that the responsibility for the entire thing rests entirely and squarely on… my shoulders.

11 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein — The REAL Story

  1. This is a good thing. Maybe a few more people will have this revelation: what Weinstein did was SOP in elitesville.
    It should be pretty clear about now that for the rich and famous–Hollywood, NY and Washington DC–this is “normal.” They live in a culture very post-Christian, amoral, self-promoting, self-absorbed. It is devoid of meaning. Why do we suppose they cling so tightly to their self-righteous sanctimony? It’s the only way they can pretend they’re not part of the evil and have personal value.
    Leftists all, they really think the symbol is all. If savior president says something loftily righteous it is so, thing has been accomplished. They don’t look to see if it actually happened; it’s good enough that he said the noble thing….If so-and-so stands for all the feely-goody stuff, it doesn’t matter that he’s actually harming the people he says he’s helping, or that he drowned his date in a car and fled the scene. He’s a great guy.
    So Bill Clinton is a hero of the ages even though he regularly abused young women on the job, and Hillary is a feminine icon who deserved to rule us even though she’d be unknown without his coattails, and even though she promoted his abuse (and abused the victims over again by shutting them down and defaming them) in exchange for the money and power of her own.
    I think Hollywood, DC and NY are moral hell, and all the attendant atrocities and horrors will manifest there.

    On one item I have to disagree. I’m no feminist, as you know. But it’s difficult for a man to grasp the force of sexual deviance directed toward oneself, even if you’re only asked to observe. And he didn’t only demand that they observe. It’s very threatening. The deviant is stealing something precious from his victim.

    Yes, many of those ladies took the offer. I can say I would not have done so. It should have opened their eyes to the fact that they were buying into hell. Their twenty-year silence says it all. But I bet there were some relative innocents who were blindsided too, poor things.

    1. Thank you, MB, for your insightful post. I especially appreciate your demurral, and thank you for that!

      On a human level — not the more granular ma/woman level — the part that sticks in my craw is the fact that the silence of the innocents practically guaranteed that there would be others whom this pervert would exploit.

      In the case of Harvey Weinstein, I hope I made myself clear that the aggressor, the one at fault, the one to blame, was Weinstein himself.

      The fact that he pressured others into complicity with his filthy behavior doesn’t, however, change the fact that they shouldn’t have allowed themselves to become complicit, through silence.

      However, you have made an excellent point. I’m 6’4″ tall, and have always been well-muscled. I do not (cannot?) understand well the experiences of those smaller than I… who constitute more than 95% of all people I meet.

      Thank you for making that valuable point for me!


      — x

      1. Such acts as described, even were there physical contact, come across as extremely aggressive and intensely personal. As I said, very threatening. Which makes their silence worse.

        1. I agree, MB. We’re schizophrenic in America about women. Either they’re these powerful, strong behemoths who would never bow down to a pervert like Weinstein, or they’re pathetic snowflakes, unable to handle jerks, morons and perverts without curling up in the corner and rocking back and forth like vacant-eyed metronomes.

          The two states are mutually exclusive. They’re one or the other… they can’t be both.

          My point is that Weinstein’s targets were victims. they weren’t, however, strong, fierce womyn who were fighting the good fight for “their sisters.”

          They were merely — women. This is not in any way an insult to women. “Merely women” means “merely the most astonishing, miraculous, spectacular, amazing, magnificent” creations I could possibly imagine.

          I know, I know… they’re not. But, as a man, I can tell you that they are all that, in my mind, and you can’t tell me differently! 🙂 Occasionally, I love this man-woman thing!

          Bottom line, though, women can’t be these astonishingly powerful, massively wise, and powerfully ethical creations without concluding that none of them should have tolerated the pervert Weinstein’s nonsense without immediately reporting it to the authorities, or to a gossip mag, or somewhere.

          I continue to be grateful to you for pointing out to me the fact that, as a 6’5″ inch man, I can’t understand the role that sexual harassment plays in our lives. It imposes more research on me… one of my favorite activities!


          — x

        2. Yep. I agree, MB. Thanks for your input! I especially value your dissent!

          I frequently comment on women as if they are men. You have, correctly, pointed out to me (us) that they aren’t.

          This is not a small thing, and I appreciate it!


          — x

  2. A lot of Weinstein’s victims decided their actress careers were more important than outing a predator and potentially stopping him from victimizing other women. I think you can attribute the Hollywood establishment’s anger to their sense of guilt for being silent and deflecting attention from their silence.

      1. Yep. You predicted it!

        One more quick prediction: the next “catch phrase” for the Race Grievance Industry is: Systemic Racism.

        “Institutional Racism” hasn’t quite worked out, since actual exploration of the concept indicates that there’s nothing there.

        Nor has “White Supremacy,” which still no one seems able even to define. Or to provide one single, solitary, example of. 🙂

        “White Privilege” was a bust. It fell afoul of that other complaint from the RGI: more single white women get Welfare than black women.


        So, “Systemic Racism” is here, and it’ll be prominent for a while, and thousands of black Americans will do some symbolic tommyrot or other to show how ticked off they are about it… until, that is, someone investigates it and proves that it, too, has neither meaning nor substance.


        — x

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