NPR Watch (9/28/17) — Republicans: STOP Apologizing for Doing The Right Thing!

Whether or not you believe that the new Trump Tax framework is a good thing, it should be debated on its merits, and not on half-witted irrelevancies.

On this morning’s edition of National Public Radio’s fake news program, Morning Edition, the hostette Rachel Martin played a short clip of President Trump answering questions about the new tax proposal.

In the clip, a young-sounding woman reporter shouted out the above-mentioned moronic irrelevancy about the new tax plan: “You benefit from this!” she shouted, sure that she had just unleashed a Grand Wisdom on our unsuspecting ears.

Trump’s response was the typical Republican response to such dim-witted non sequiturs: he got all defensive. “No,” he said, “I don’t think the wealthy benefit much from this at all.” End of clip.

Here, however, is how it should have gone:

Earnest Little Reporterette: You benefit from this!

President Trump: So? I’d certainly hope I’d benefit from this! What, am I not an American citizen too? Can you please look in the Constitution and find where it says that my job description is to make any American lives miserable, or even more difficult? Even my own? People need to rejoice when any Americans’ lives are improved. Of course, we need to focus on improving the lives of the less prosperous among us, but a very strong case can be, and has been, made that if you provide incentives to employers to produce jobs and more economic dynamism, then that is the very best way to improve the lot of a free people in a free country. In the government, we have exactly one way to incentivize employers: through the tax code. If you’re all worried that employers like me — and over my career I’ve provided employment and billions of dollars for tens of thousands of people — might benefit from the tax code, then you give me some other coherent way to put long-lasting, effective reforms in place — short of just handing out money — that will add dynamism, innovation and jobs, so that those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder will have a chance to prosper too. Should I hold my breath?

That would have rocked the dumb, little reoprterette back on her dumb, little heels… as she so richly deserved.

We have a serious problem in America that can be summed up in this recounting of an interaction I had with a leftist friend and co-worker:

I’ll call him “Joe” (not his real name). Joe makes about $50,000 a year in salary. I asked him whether he would be okay with a rich person’s writing him a check for $100,000, on the condition that he give half of it, $50,000, to another rich person. His answer? No. Even though it would have doubled his income that year, paid for much-needed repairs to his home and car, he wasn’t willing to do it because a rich guy would benefit too. I modified my thought exercise. How about if you get $75,000, and the rich dude gets only $25,000? Answer: Nope. I tried again: How about you get $90,000 and the rich dude gets $10,000? Still nope. Finally my friend said he’d do it if the divvying went $95,000 – $5,000. His thinking was that there was no way the rich dude should benefit from anything. Period. Furthermore, he said, the rich man actually needed to be punished… because he was rich, and because the only way he could have become rich was to have taken wealth from others.(1)

And that’s exactly the toxic frame of mind that causes many of the massive problems bedeviling American society today.

Contrary to my leftist friend’s ridiculous thought processes, we need in America to rejoice when anyone experiences good things, good luck, news or results. Anyone.

If someone who’s wealthy has a great idea that benefits him greatly, the correct reaction is pure, unalloyed, unqualified, genuine, real happiness for him. Nothing else. Same as for when that same great good fortune happens in the life of someone who’s less prosperous. Period.

Even better, of course, is when many, many people experience good things! This shouldn’t be a controversial declaration from me. NPR, though, is part of the increasingly aggressive Halfwit Chorus sanctimoniously repeating over, and over, and over, and over, and over, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, the poisonous idea that when some prosper, it’s a bad thing.

Trump shouldn’t have become defensive at the idea of wealthy people deriving benefits from a new tax structure, he should have embraced the idea enthusiastically. The nitwit reporterette needed to have the core idea behind her stupid shouted accusation destroyed for the worthless, moronic, destructive twaddle that it is.

Republicans, Conservatives, and President Trump: STOP apologizing for doing the right thing. STOP getting defensive when someone accuses you of doing something, and the basic premise of the accusation itself is wrong. STOP being defensive at all! On the Conservative side, our entire core idea is comprised of two things: (1) equal opportunity for all to succeed in America, with absolute minimal interference from the government, and (2) when all prosper, it’s a good thing. We have nothing to be defensive about. We need to put the Left — whose well-documented legacy is one of poverty, squalor, feebleness, dependency, division, violence, lies and misery — on the defensive. And we need to keep them there.

We have nothing to apologize for; nothing about which to be defensive. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, we need to knock down the poisonous cr*p that the Left spreads.

— xPraetorius


(1) My friend, as you can tell, is not very bright. He is, however, the Democrat Party’s base, all neatly wrapped up in an intellectually inert, easily-led, non-thinking, irrational package.


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