Fed Up (Part II)

A friend of this blog called me and suggested that we post,  as its own post, one of my responses to a commenter in this post here.

In the original post, linked above, I made the point that the people kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem have not actually complained about anything! 

Oh, they intone ever so gravely about “oppression,” and “mistreatment” and “injustice,” all committed against black people, as well as other airy, diffuse, ethereal things, but they don’t point to any one, or two, or one hundred thousand real things, laws, policies, practices, rules, regulations or… anything that actually suggests that these things might be a problem.

I further churlishly pointed out that in a country supposedly so awash in such hostility that fabulously wealthy American citizens feel compelled to demonstrate loud, open, prominent protest against the very country that made them fabulously wealthy… then that protest ought to be accompanied by some specifics.

Several agreed with this, which really ought to be a comonsensical understanding.

What I didn’t say, but should have, was: Excuse me…

When the National Anthem plays, I stand, remove my cap, cover my heart and feel genuinely moved by love of my country. So, you just accused me of some serious c*ap. Put up or shut up! And right now! You’d better show me some real, regular, provable, demonstrable, and plainly wrong things, and you’d better be able to show me lots of these things — thousands of these things — and you’d better be able to do it right now… or else shut the hell up.

Here’s the link to the original post, and below is, firstly, the great ColorStorm’s response to the original post. It was ColorStorm’s response to my post that inspired my longish reply in concurrence, further below.

Yeah I often say some of these guys can’t string five words together to make a sentence even if you loaned them three.

You highlighted this idea when saying ‘WHAT’ are you trying to articulate with these so called protests………….

And below is the response that I posted to the great ColorStorm, whose excellent, wonderfully well-written, exquisitely thought out, gracefully expressed blog is here:

We hear all this noise about injustice and oppression and all, and I’m all about addressing those things!

However, without telling us precisely what law we’d need to change, whatpractice needs to stop, what policy, procedure, regulation, rule, or edict needs to be scrapped or re-written… they’re not telling us anything. Absent that substance, their effort is just hollow and, well, stupid.

So far, all I’ve determined is that there’s a vague sense “out there” that white people in general aren’t being nice to black people in general, and I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it.

especially don’t see it as it pertains to football players! Again, a rough summary of these guys’ lives shows, typically, a young black man who grew up in generally poor circumstances, and who then rather dramatically overcame those circumstances to become fabulously wealthy… playing a game.

Wow! Tough country to live in!

Now, if someone could show me some examples of where America is not striving honestly to integrate black Americans into the “American Dream,” then I’ll be happy to link arms with that someone.

But American universities are bending over backwards to do everything humanly possible to give black Americans a fair shake at the most important tool for prosperity in America: an education.

American businesses are desperate to hire strong black talent both to help their businesses and to redress past wrongs.

American culture and pop culture have long been on a crusade to define anything seen as “Black” as noble, as courageous and good, as authentic and profound.

American society has been on a very long-term, intensive, thoroughly society-wide effort to uplift black Americans, and the “kneelers” are showing themselves to be completely ignorant of it.

Society’s effort has consisted of ceding money, prestige and power to black Americans, or providing free money, housing, food, education, training and more.

Between you and me, as white people, our real responsibility was simply to stop mistreating black people. To remove obstacles to their seizing the opportunities available to others, to be sure to guarantee equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity in America.

So we did that.

But then we set out to redress past wrongs, committed by long gone Americans, by giving vast quantities of free stuff, by self-flagellating confessions and by massive condescension.

That was wrong. That infantilized black Americans, and they had, and have, every right to be ticked off about that. But they also had and have every right to call us on it! To refuse to be infantilized.

Some did. The great Jason Riley wrote a book called something like, “Please Stop Helping Us” in which he detailed all that I’ve mentioned here.

The leaders of the Race Grievance Industry, however, grew fat, happy, and very, very rich, from complaining about how horrible America is to black Americans, and they were not about to give up that particular gravy train!

So they’re — the Race Grievance Industry — the ones pouring out the smoke that it’s so horrible here, despite truly massive evidence to the contrary. They’re the reason fabulously wealthy athletes in America are whining about how very horrible is the country that made them fabulously wealthy. For playing a game.

Again, these people need to show me where America is actually throwing, placing, erecting, constructing obstacles in the path of non-white Americans’ attempts to gain access to the tools and skills necessary to achieve the American Dream.

If they can’t show me the clear, incontrovertible, damning, actionable specifics,then the kneeling athletes are demonstrating conclusively that they’re nothing more than ignorant puppets of cynical, corrupt leftists intent on using the athletes’ prestige, and their half-wittedness, for their own gain.

Our thanks to the great “sojourner” whose phone call it was that prompted this post.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “Fed Up (Part II)

  1. It has been noted that no one exactly knows what is being protested. It’s rather vague, which is allowing it to be co-opted to say almost the opposite, and is just morphing all over the place now. But all the protesters sure do feel righteous about it!

    I estimate about 2 pm tomorrow the other shoe will drop–and suddenly, if one stands for the anthem, one will be assumed to be proclaiming and endorsing racism and injustice.

    Its unnerving how we aren’t noticing that all the things we all–all– did just yesterday, for the whole of our lives, for positive reasons, suddenly become evil and it’s instantly outrageous to do them.

    1. This is so well said, MB! The powerful streak of nihilism in the Left will, if unchecked, result in the terrible, and completely unnecessary, dislocation, as well as eventual bloodshed.


      — x

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