NPR Watch (9/7/17) — Treating Paranoid Racialist Half-wittery as Serious Social Commentary

Ta Nehisi Coates is a writer for The Atlantic magazine. He says that the election of President Trump last November was all about — you guessed it: race. His “reasoning” — if such it could be called — amounts to a half-witted, paranoid rant that’s easy to debunk. He says something to the effect that Trump’s success across all sectors of white Americans proves the racism of it all. Failing to mention Barack Obama’s success across all sectors of white Americans as well. And so forth.

During the silly segment, Coates engaged in the Left’s favorite imaginary super power: mind-reading. He told us all about what white Americans were thinking when they voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton. Of course, you see, he, as a black American, is the best-positioned to know what white Americans are thinking and feeling. I wonder how he’d react if I, a white American, were to presume to tell him how black Americans are thinking…

None of that, though, stopped National Public Radio today from treating Coates’ hollow substancelessness as serious social commentary on their fake news morning program, Morning Edition.

Breathlessly earnest hostette, Rachel Martin, interviewed the lugubrious Coates, who informed her of all that is wrong with America as it pertains to how it interacts with rich black people like him.

Martin, treating the entire pile of steaming codswallop as established fact, asked Coates, “Is there any way out of this?” “No,” opined Coates, it’s just the way it is.

Ta Nehisi Coates is a race addict who’s made a handsome living from whining about how hostile America is to black people like him. What’s fascinating to me is that very contradiction.

It shouldn’t be difficult to see it. Here’s someone whining incessantly about how hostile the country is to him and to people like him, and getting rich from it. And lacking the… whatever to see that glaring, massive contradiction.

But, what is that “whatever” that prevents apparently intelligent, rational people like Ta Nehisi Coates from seeing the elephant in their intellectual living room? Is it a complete lack of self-awareness? Is Coates that wrapped up in his race addiction that he doesn’t see his own affluence, as well as the wealth that surrounds him?

Is it stupidity? Is Coates really that much of an idiot that he can’t fathom that a country supposedly so overloaded with hostility to people who look like him would never allow him to annoy them so constantly? And to get rich off it to boot!

Is it plain, dumb ignorance? Is Ta Nehisi Coates that unaware of all the opportunities available to black Americans out there? Opportunities that he himself seized to become wealthy.

You can’t look at the phenomenon of so many prominent, prosperous, famous, admired black Americans… whining about how horrible it is to be black in America, without wondering: what in the heck is going on?

Colin Kaepernick, for example, may not be playing football in the National Football League anymore, but he remains fabulously wealthy, and has assured himself a place in the spotlight for years to come, again simply by yammering on about just how gosh darned mean America is to people like him.

Part of it must be, I suppose, the fact that the entire left-wing Grievance Machine, of which NPR is an important component, feeds this kind of half-witted narcissism by piling plaudits and accolades on race addicts like Ta Nehisi Coates. After all, Coates has made his living — a very good living — from whining about America. If his rantings were to be exposed for the flapdoodle they are, he’d have no other marketable skill.

Or maybe it’s nothing more than, as the old saying goes: if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

To the race addict, every problem under the sun is caused by racism. Want proof? In the race addicts’ eyes, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are caused by the racism of white people toward non-white people. Yep. You read that correctly. It goes like this:

  • The white power structure hates non-white people, so…
  • They aren’t doing anything to prevent “Global Warming” (now “Climate Change”), so…
  • Weather is becoming more and more extreme, which…
  • Negatively affects poorer countries more, where…
  • There are disproportionately more non-white people.

Got it?

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

— xPraetorius



13 thoughts on “NPR Watch (9/7/17) — Treating Paranoid Racialist Half-wittery as Serious Social Commentary

  1. Why should we believe that whenever black people discuss racism, they’re whining. But according to you, White Americans are the real victims of racism?

    Look, let me ease your mind using your own definition of racism, and since you or rather your “colleague” insists that I don’t have to prove anything to “you”, I won’t use links or quotes.

    White people are not victims of racism. Here’s the reality you seem to ignore, purposely or otherwise:

    Most American politicians, especially in high positions, are white males.
    Most company CEOs, especially of the Fortune 500, are white males.
    Most income goes to white people.
    Most people on welfare are white.
    Most history books printed for the education system showcase the accomplishments of white people and are in favor of the white narrative of history.
    Major media companies, especially the ones you claim are liberal, are own and/or operated by white men.

    I hope that makes you feel better and much less racially paranoid. Besides, if blacks were racist against whites, none of what I said would be true.

    1. Lol! BW: Please note that I never claimed that white people are “victims of racism.” Rather, I’m claiming that black people aren’t nearly as much the victims of racism as people like you claim they are.

      I claim that black people “whine about racism” only when they whine about racism. Jason Riley talks about racism all the time, and has never whined about it that I’ve ever heard. Same with Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Charles Payne, Walter Williams, Ben Carson, and many others.

      It’s only the Race Grievance Industry that whines about racism.

      Thank you for writing your last paragraph! In it you said: “…if blacks were racist against whites, none of what I said would be true.”

      BW: there is a reality: White people still make up 65% of the population of this country. We kind of have to acknowledge their existence b>some times! They are the most dynamic demographic that has ever existed in the history of the world.

      We make up about 13% of the population. If white people really wanted to oppress us, they could squash us like bugs. Okay, kind of a lurid image. The point: if they wanted to keep us down, then you and I would not be out here discussing this freely. Simple as that.

      You say that all these companies are owned by white people. Yes and no. White ownership of companies is high, but not of publicly-owned companies. Those are owned by the shareholders.

      Furthermore, you make a big point about ownership of companies, when all that counts is the effect that the whole collection of laws, rules, policies, procedures and regulations has on us. There is nothing standing in the way of our going out there and founding our own companies, and running them to success.


      — x

  2. Okay. Three things.

    1. In your article, you said you are a White American, but in your comment you say you’re black. Do you have a multiple personality disorder or something?
    2. I didn’t say all companies are ran by white males. I said MOST companies are ran by white males.
    3. So, Jason Riley, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Charles Payne, Walter Williams, Ben Carson are all right because they’re conservatives and the entire black population should listen and learn from them?
    4. What do you mean white people are the most dynamic demographic in the history of the world?

    Black people are not whining about racism, especially when it happens. Instead of accusing them of whining or lying, maybe you should listen instead of putting them down as if you know what they go through. If you have an open mind and are ‘insightful’ as you claim, you should openly listen and not be judgmental, especially on a subject you don’t understand. Maybe you shouldn’t just listen to what black conservatives say and take it as the gospel. Yes, they said a few things that I agree with, but I don’t agree with everything they say, especially about racism.

    And that statement about white people sounds awfully close to what a white supremacist would say.

    1. I am a black woman. The man who wrote the essay — it’s an essay, not an article — is, indeed, a white man.

      I’m simply continuing the conversation here that we’ve been having over at your place. And, again, why don’t you stop worrying about whether I’m white or black, man or woman, and simply address what I write? I’ve never, ever, not even once spent one ounce of energy worrying about who you are, but rather about what you say. That’s what’s important!

      Most companies are run by white men. That means nothing. The only question is: Are there any more obstacles in the path of black people’s running anything in this country, than are in the path of anyone else. The answer is simple: No, there are not.

      Black people are not whining about racism… except in the Race Grievance Industry, where that’s pretty much all they do.

      I take nothing as gospel. Again, stop trying to read my mind. I question everything. It’s why I’m a Conservative. I listen especially attentively to those who disagree with me. It’s how I know how they think. And, I never, ever assume that I can read anyone’s mind.

      You asked: “What do you mean white people are the most dynamic demographic in the history of the world?”

      Pretty simple: They ended slavery; they built America the most dynamic, prosperous, freest, opportunity-filled country in the history of the world. By far. Honesty compels me to acknowledge that. Wisdom would suggest that we all try to build on those accomplishments and make things around the world better, and… More Like America. Sorry, it’s just that way. If you were to poll the entire world, and ask them which country would they wish theirs would most emulate, the response would be simple: America. the runners-up would all, without exception, be Western white nations.

      Look, I don’t “like” white people, or “hate” white people… I simply look at their history clear-eyed and honestly. Do they have a lot of bad stuff in their past? Sure. Go ahead and find me one single group or nation that doesn’t, I dare you. But, just as for us, if they do something really good, honesty should force us all to recognize it, so that we can encourage more of it. Duh!

      And, finally, there’s no such thing as “White Supremacy.” Want proof? You can’t even define it for me, and you use the term all the time. You, my friend, are guilty of accepting things uncritically, unthinkingly… There are more terms that you use that have no definition, and mean nothing: Social Justice. White Privilege. Meaningless terms. But you obediently trot them out all over your blog.

      You need to start engaging in some critical thinking, BW!


      — x

    1. Nope. Only Because it’s true.

      You say that anti-black racism is a major problem, and I believe that I’ve provided overwhelming evidence that suggests that you’re wrong. You disagree, but you don’t advance any evidence to back up your claims and your accusations.


      — x

  3. I knew you’d say how you’re a black woman and thus did not write this piece, whatever you want to call it.

    I’m not worried actually, merely curious as you keep claiming that you’re a black woman.

    Your claim how there are no obstacles in the path of black people running anything in this country. Okay. But I never actually said that. There are black people in high positions that have earned it as was the mantra of the right that bootstrap pulling is the way to go. That shows black people work hard to achieve and succeed in our goals. But at the same time, doesn’t the right immediately suspect that they got there not because they earned it because of affirmative action, something that the right is firmly against?

    The ‘Race Grievance Industry’ as you call it also exists in the right, the alt-right to be precise, as you have white people claiming that interracial mixing, affirmative action, immigration and political correctness are instruments of white genocide.

    I never claimed that I could read minds. Again, I go by their actions. If you’re a conservative, surely you believe in personal responsibility. I’ve taken responsibility for my actions against you. Why aren’t you doing the same. You are a conservative, right?

    So, you DO believe in white supremacy, that’s pretty much the core of what it means, by the way.

    Shouldn’t we also acknowledge all the bad stuff along with the good when it concerns this nation? As the saying goes, take the good with the bad. Honesty should dictate that as well.

    Actually, you defined white supremacy for me, more of less. Basically, it’s a belief that white people and people of European descent are superior to nonwhites. Your answer is a nod to that belief.

    As far as critical thinking goes. Yes, I need work. But I’m humble enough to know that and are not ashamed of saying it.

    1. Wow! Great response, BW! There’s a lot here, and a lot with which I disagree, as well as a lot with which I agree. I need to take more time than I have at this moment to give this excellent post its due attention. I’ll try to get to it tonight.


      — x

  4. Tell you what. I’ll work on my critical thinking skills if you work on how you comment to people who disagree with you without making them feel low. Is that a deal?

    Finally, you were never really interested in what I consider as evidence of anti-black racism. So, I ask you, what do you consider as evidence or proof?

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