Proofread Your Stuff!

In my previous post, I was going to say “more silly” about something, and settled instead on “sillier.” Then I forgot to go back and remove the “more” that had remained  — thanks to word wrapping — on the previous line.

The result: “more sillier.” Yikes! Yuck! Those who read our material know that I — either as the writer or the editor for one of my other writers — don’t make silly mistakes like that.

First of all, the post was kind of a rant: a bunch of nitwitted feminists (but I repeat myself) were having vapors because two dudes are going to put out a cinematic adaptation of the William Golding book “Lord of the Files.” The dudes cast girls stranded on an island, instead of boys as in the book.

The “more sillier” that I left in the post detracted from the serious point — feminists acting, talking, tweeting, like half-wits — behind the rant.

Now: for my excuse. I was driving along composing the post in my head, when some thoughts that I considered crucial came to me. I pulled over and posted the post.

And forgot the final proofreading step that would have snared the “more sillier” silliness.

Wrong! Bad! Don’t do it! Save the thing as a draft, wait until you get to some locale where you can scrutinize the text again.


— xPraetorius


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