A Funny Headline From a Leftist

Here it is:


Look at it for a moment.

Now, let’s translate this less than literate leftist’s(1) own post for him:

White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it.

For 500 years, they’ve exploited their fellow men and plundered the planet. It’s time for them to rule.


I guess the leftist (and obviously racist) dude showed us white men, didn’t he?!? He states quite openly that the very future of mankind depends on white people ruling it. And, presumably, continuing to exploit their fellow men and plunder the planet! Who’d a-thought it?!? Who’d a-thought you could even say such a thing today?!? But there it is, right in front of us, plain as day!

The key word is, of course, reign,” as opposed to the actual notion the rather full-of-himself author wanted to get to: rein,” meaning to slow themselves down, to stop themselves, as one might do to a horse… you know, using the… reins?

The Left is a rich, prolific source of all the material we should ever need, to cover their thinking with the scornful derision it so richly deserves.

— xPraetorius


(1) As it turns out, it’s one Frank Joyce who’s had a long history of helping Detroit become the idyllic, tranquil, peaceful, prosperous metropolis that it is today. Detroit’s not at all a hellhole that used to be a great city.

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