Pop Culture Watch (9/1/17) — Lord of the Flies… With Girls!

As anyone who observes around and about knows, American pop culture — Hollywood, pop music, and the rest — is nearly exclusively politically leftist. Hyper, blindly, unthinkingly, unreasoningly leftist. So when two guys decided to do a movie remake of “Lord of the Files,” adapted from the novel by William Golding, that should be no big deal, right?

It’s the story of a bunch of English boys stranded on an island with no adult authority figures around. Definitely a setting ripe for all manner of social and political commentary! And many have analyzed the story for its ability, or not, to describe societal interactions and conditions today.

Well, here’s the twist: The two guys making the movie decided to populate the island with all girls instead of boys. Scott McGehee and David Siegel write and direct the thing, and the decision to use girls has drawn all manner of fire from feminists.

“How dare they?!?” came the howl. Two men writing a story about girls?!? They can’t do that… they’re men!

The feminists thought they were unburdening themselves of blinding, clear-as-day wisdom, when they were really regurgitating typical feminist half-wittery.

By their “reasoning,” no woman author could ever write a story with an important male character in it. Presumably Rhett Butler, Heathcliff, Edward Cullen, and many other well-known and sometimes -loved male figures from literary history would simply have to go away. Why? They were invented and developed by women. Bye, bye, Harry Potter!

In America, however, we have an absolutely schizophrenic idea about how the sexes perceive and understand each other. Men are supposed to be clueless lunks when it comes to the women, who, patiently, wisely and intuitively knowing all there is to know about being a man, do what they can to enlighten us brutes. About ourselves.

Women tell me all the time all about men. What men want, how they think, what they like and dislike… deep things about men: who, what and how they are… and why.

What’s funny is that whenever I — a man, with some decades of experience actually being a man — dare to suggest that they might be over-generalizing, or that they, being women, with women’s brains and experiences, couldn’t possibly have the tiniest point of reference from which to draw their conclusions, they’ve been completely taken aback. Every time.

My interlocutors had completely bought into the patently and obviously ludicrous idea that: men know nothing about women, while women know everything there is to know about men.

It’s a truly dumb idea, but it is the prevailing zeitgeist in America. What’s even sillier is that we men have also bought into this manifestly idiotic notion! And it’s what allows a half-witted feminist, like the ones mentioned at the top of this essay, to sneer that two men couldn’t possibly have the slightest idea what a bunch of girls would do under the conditions set down in Lord of the Files, while at the same time simply accepting any character development of men, or of boys, done by women.

When the asinine feminists whined about the upcoming movie, they truly expected not one tiny bit of pushback. That’s how ingrained their farcical belief is in our collective psyches.

Women authors have been portraying, describing, developing, writing about significant male characters forever. With not one single, solitary, eentsy-weentsy whine from one single, solitary man about it. Not one that I’ve ever heard. Not one. But if two men write a story about a bunch of girls? Horrors! Vapors! Fainting, keening, sniveling, snuffling, and sitting in the corner, rocking back and forth with vacant, traumatized eyes!

The harpies’ yammering about how horrid it is that two guys would write a story about a bunch of girls sounds really, really stupid; but coming from feminists, it just sounds… typical.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Pop Culture Watch (9/1/17) — Lord of the Flies… With Girls!

  1. Welcome to the crazy world of the Left. They tell us that gender is just a social construct and if a person choses any gender for any reason we must play along and treat that person as if it were of the gender that it chose. They tell us that anything less than playing along with the insanity is discrimination.
    And now they are discriminating based on … gender.
    Furthermore, if gender is just a social construct then how the hell does it matter which gender thinks/writes about another gender?
    According to the Left some guy with male chromosomes can become a woman in mere seconds just because he suddenly feels that he is a woman.
    Well, if any guy with male chromosomes can BE a woman whenever he feels like it then he sure as hell can know everything he needs to know about women anytime, anywhere.
    Nutjobs! Truly, truly nutjobs!

    1. Thank you for making that point really well, artaxes!

      We’ve often marveled in these pages at the fact that the only indication that Bruce Jenner — the freakin’ winner of the men’s decathlon in 1970 something — is a woman… is that Bruce Jenner said so!

      Well, that’s some compelling scientific evidence!


      — x

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