NPR Watch (8/28/17) — NPR Misses The REAL Story Once Again

This morning National Public Radio (NPR) did a feature on Congo, a nation beset by war, starvation and all the rest of the horrors that accompany, well, that come along with being a country in Africa.

NPR’s reporter — I forget his name — told the story of aid organizations who would go to Congo to try to find rape victims and give them food. A noble pursuit, yes?

The story unfolded through the words of one girl who said that she was jealous of the rape victims who got food, while she and others went hungry. Someone told her to go to the aid organization with her own rape story, so she did.

She told the aid personnel that she had gone into the woods to find food and that three men had raped her in the woods. The aid organization gave her a bunch of basic food stuffs that she then prepared for her family.

However, as she prepared the food, she lost her appetite because, she said, she felt like a thief. She didn’t feel bad, mind you, that she’d falsely accused three unnamed men of raping her. No, she was worried that she had obtained her food under false pretenses.

The NPR reporter continued with the story in which he said that the Congolese and the aid organizations were “using rape stories as currency.” Fake rape stories are currency in Congo! If you wanted more donations from western donors, you produced more rape stories. Which these aid organizations then dutifully did.

In the story we heard from a guy whose “job” it was to go out and rustle up more rape stories. After a while, he said, local people began to treat these rampant rape stories for what they were: frauds. They began to regard the women producing the now suspect stories much less favorably.

Well, Duh! What did these aid organizations think was going to happen?!?

After divulging all this, the reporter then stated that “Congo does have a rape crisis, and all the false stories were making it so that the legitimate rape victims weren’t able to get assistance.” Oh? How would anyone know that, after this report?

Now, here’s the real story that NPR missed… again. It was plain as day… of course. Those are the stories that NPR misses most of the time. The ones sitting right there under their noses. And that’s also why they missed it. Because it didn’t conform to their half-witted preconceived notions.

Here it is: No one, apparently, stopped to think that the practices that plainly caused the fabrication of thousands upon thousands of false rape claims makes African men seem like little more than ravening beasts.

Tens of thousands of fake rape claims will tar an entire group with a really vile label. One against which they can’t defend themselves. Because there are no actual accusees to come forward to clear their names.


It’s happening here in the United States as well. Rape stories are currency here too. “Mattress Girl” has made a career, though a fading one, of being a fake rape victim. Lena Dunham has made a lot of hay from a false accusation of rape. Dozens of fake rape accusations around the country led to the Left’s decrying of a “Rape Culture” on American college campuses. Duke LaCrosse, Rolling Stone magazine…

Needless to say, in America, the accusation of rape is one of the most toxic charges anyone can possibly make. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a false such charge, your life is ruined. You understand that — even though you know full well you’re completely innocent of the charge — people, lots of people, will look at you and wonder…

Feminism in America has charged men — all men — with a whole bunch of serious offenses, including rape, sexual battery, sexual harassment, discrimination, belittlement, hostility in general, and a whole lot more. And it’s had the same result as the fake rape stories in Africa: a perception of men that they’re little more than sex-obsessed brutes, just sitting around looking for sex and keeping the women down. And it’s all fake; just like the stories in Africa.

Oh, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any men acting like jerks, there just aren’t nearly as many as the feminists would like you to believe there are.

Just as it’s now plain that there aren’t nearly as many rapes — or rapists — in Africa, as hungry women there would have us believe. Former Labor Secretary under President Reagan, Raymond Donovan, was falsely accused of larceny and fraud. He was acquitted and said, “Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?” Tens of millions of African men could ask that same question today.

Between you and me, I’ll bet that the “aid organizations” in Africa cynically fabricated the whole thing, from start to finish, to turn on the spigot of money from rich western donors, anxious to use their wealth to “make a difference” in the world. Just as the fake rape accusations in America have turned on the spigot of money for “charities” supposedly combating the faked “Rape Culture.” And all the time, these goons knew full well that they’d be destroying the reputations and images, and self-images, of tens of millions of innocent people.

The African aid organizations probably figured that they’d be discovered eventually, and the money would dry up, but in the meantime, hundreds of millions of dollars would flow through their hands, of which they’d keep a few tens of millions for themselves. Then, when the money for fake “rape victims” dried up, they’d simply invent another crisis somewhere else.

This is the modus operandi of the international and American Left. Look at all the “issues” that have whipped the Left’s base — mindless followers and zombie citizens — into a frenzy. And more…

  • Police shootings of young black men? They’ve been dropping in number for decades.
  • “White Supremacy?” No such thing. At least no such thing that anyone could actually define for you in a meaningful way.
  • Fascism? If it were true, then the frenzied screamers wouldn’t be able to howl about Fascism, now would they?
  • And the ones howling so operatically about the environment are the ones proven time and time again to have faked the numbers, the measurements, the findings; to have quashed dissenting opinions, and to have marginalized and blacklisted the dissenters.
  • 77 cents on the dollar? A fraud that actually proved that women had a better quality of life than men, taking more time off, retiring earlier, choosing less dangerous and demanding careers.
  • And so on, and on, and on, and on…All these things getting rich American donors to open their wallets, to buy good feelings about themselves, and to fuel the rapacious demands of the thoroughly corrupt Left.

And in Africa, there are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of young women willing to sell their honor, their decency, their humanity, willing to accuse half their countrymen of rape… for a scoop of rice and some sausage. Reminiscent of 30 pieces of silver, eh?

If you but scratch the surface of the Left, of which NPR is its most reliable spokes-entity, the stench that quickly arises is foul indeed.

— xPraetorius


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