The Left ARE What They So Loudly Condemn

  • Ostensibly to counter “fascism,” they use unsubtly fascistic tactics and strategies.
  • Supposedly to bolster “free speech,” they violently squelch the speech of those who disagree with them.
  • The most virulently racist Americans are those on the Left proclaiming themselves to be “anti-racist.”
  • The ones most guilty of anything resembling “sexism” are those on the Left who most loudly proclaim themselves as against sexism.
  • The ones who so ostentatiously proclaim themselves defenders and protectors of “the environment,” are the loudest supporters of command economies like the Chinese, whose country is a dump overflowing with pollution, smog and filth.

In these pages, we’ve often said: the new fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism. 

They’re here. They’ve always been here, and they’ve always been this way.

When they were busily destroying any possibility of debate on college campuses in the 1960’s and 1970’s, they were doing so in the name of “free speech.”

Today’s “Antifa” and “Occupy” and “Black Lives Matter” movements are the direct descendants of the fascist left of the ’60’s and ’70’s.

To this day, Berkeley — where the Left did much of their squashing of free speech, in the name of “free speech,” and committed much of their political violence — is known as “the home of the Free Speech movement.”

It was no such thing. It was a kind of Ground Zero for the Left, who have long been strident anti-speech, anti-dissent, anti-debate zealots. Simply, back then, as now, the media — on whose shoulders the vast majority of the responsibility for today’s racial strife rests — accepted left-wing propaganda as… fact. They then reported it as “news.” And today these fabrications are the media’s received wisdom.

Don’t believe me? The ’60’s and ’70’s radicals are the very same people whose entire movement was underwritten by the then Soviet Union, one of the most fascistic, free speech-squashing régimes in human history.

The ranks of the ’60’s and ’70’s Left were full to overflowing with Communists, Stalinists, Trotskyites, Maoists, as well as the followers of other assorted mass murderers and bloodthirsty tyrants… all wearing Che Guevara T-shirts. To this very day, you can see Che Guevara T-shirts in the crowds of the Antifa, or Occupy or BLM goons.

The Left are what they so loudly and vigorously condemn.

— xPraetorius


10 thoughts on “The Left ARE What They So Loudly Condemn

  1. Your title alone is spot-on.
    My husband and I have a rule of thumb: Without exception, what the lefties are outraged about the right doing, the lefties have been doing for decades. It’s ALL projection.

  2. “They’re here. They’ve always been here, and they’ve always been this way.”

    When they’re talking about free speech they mean free speech only for themselves.

    1. So true, PA! I read the indefatigable Zande’s comments, as well as those by the always silly Ark.

      Sometimes I wonder whether they’re the same person, because in my interactions with them, both have unburdened themselves of the vilest of language.

      I allow the comments, but edit out the offensive language. My rule of thumb is: vocabulary-wise, please post as if my 12-year old son is reading it. Only the cleanliness of the vocabulary, of course!

      I’m hoping to go visit your post, and if you’re amenable, maybe offer an opinion or two.


      — x

  3. “Burning Berserkley”

    Enraged by some gay speaker, you act brave
    then rage and bludgeon, shutting down dissent
    while Mario Savio shudders in his grave.
    Behold: another shameful sad event.
    Youthful useful idiots on the attack,
    pawns of global capital dressed in black:
    Bernie’s Berserkley: raze it to the ground
    and Donald will be twenty-twenty bound.
    Georges Sorel, amused, looks on in silence
    at your half-baked proletarian violence,
    infantile intifada, civil war,
    a glimpse of what the future has in store:
    you are the fascists you’ve been waiting for.

    1. Many, many thanks, Desdi! And well done!

      From a pure historico-literary perspective, I love the reference to Georges Sorel in the context of George Soros’ money funding the “youthful, useful idiots'” activities!

      And I also like your puns and alliteration. Nicely done! I admire your ability to bring historical terminology and descriptive terms together, like: “infantile intifada.”

      Finally, but not least — maybe I’m a stuffed shirt, but I like a good rhyme, the discipline it imposes, and the wonderful, satisfying, brain-tickling thing that it is.

      It’s why I really enjoy your blog and posts!

      Thank you again!


      — x

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