The Left Shows Its True Colors

A prototypical leftist confirms for us the real nature of the Left.

In this post (here), we had a bit of a “debate” with a fairly typical leftist. The debate took the typical shape that most such debates with leftists take. The lefty’s name is John Zande, and he alleges that he lives in Brazil, but in this age of the easy ability to  mask or spoof one’s location, no one can really know. He spends a lot of time focusing his “thoughts” on the U.S., so I figure he’s using VPN software to disguise the fact that he posts from somewhere else.

Zande’s and our exchange — it can rarely be called a debate when a leftist participates — began when we posted the post linked above, the theme of which was: Leftist violence, as at Charlottesville, Boston and college campuses around the country, is just beginning. Zande then posted a fake Time Magazine cover alleging that President Trump is a Nazi.

We mocked the graphic because, like so much coming from the Left, there was nothing backing up the allegation. Apparently we struck a chord, because Zande then posted several more graphics that implied that Trump is a racist tied to the Ku Klux Klan.

Again without any evidence to back up the accusations. And again, we mocked the graphics because of the fact that Zande was just saying it and, as usual, failing to back it up.

So we laid down a challenge.

Before I tell you what then happened, I need to make a declaration of a belief that I hold sacred. It’s simple, really:

If I’m going to accuse someone of something really bad — like, say, being a Nazi or KKK-Sympathizer — I’m going to be damned sure I have a whole lot of incontrovertible evidence, that’s easy to bring to mind, to source and enumerate… long before I make the claim.

Therefore, just to make the accusation, without any evidence, marks the accuser as a special kind of dirtbag. It’s brainless thuggery of the first order. More to the point: it’s quintessentially fascistic.

It is what the Nazis did, for example, to the Jews. It’s what the Stalinist goons did to their political prisoners, so many millions of whom they then murdered after the faked accusations. It’s what reactionary tyrants have done throughout history to keep dissenters in line and quiet. And to justify mass murder.

So, quite reasonably, we challenged Zande to back up his accusations.

We asked for real evidence. We said also that simply to post other assertions from the leftist echo chamber did not constitute real evidence. We told Zande the obvious: if you call someone something as bad as all that you must have some real, hard, indisputable facts to back it all up. Otherwise, we said, it’s the height of vicious irresponsibility to make the accusation.

Finally, we told Zande that if he failed to provide substantive evidence for his accusations, then he was admitting defeat. Furthermore, he was revealing himself to be either the special kind of dirtbag we mentioned above, or… an idiot.

It wasn’t an unreasonable challenge, because the accusations were so horrid. Nor were our conclusions unreasonable — if, that is,  Zande failed to provide any substantive evidence.

Zande failed to provide any substantive evidence.

His response was nothing more than several more unsubstantiated accusations in the form of graphics taken from elsewhere. A couple of his graphics contained obscenities that violated our prohibition against foul language in our pages.

It all confirmed what we’ve been documenting in these pages for a very long time: The foot soldiers of the Left are nothing more than mindless, unthinking followers of their “thought leaders.”

These are exactly the same people who used to pack stadiums and amphitheaters to listen, spellbound, to a great orator exhorting them to ever greater hatred of the Jews, gypsies, Catholics and homosexuals.

Today’s jackbooted thugs are the Antifa goons; the fascists who pretend to oppose fascism. They’re the Black Lives Matter thugs; the racists who pretend to oppose racism. They’re the real Neo-Nazis, the clods and vacant-eyed louts pretending to oppose today’s Nazism.

We distilled it into a pithy phrase that, we were sure, echoed a phrase we’d heard before: the new fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism.

Zande confirmed it for us.

— xPraetorius





2 thoughts on “The Left Shows Its True Colors

  1. Much of what Zande writes is nothing more than a glorified straw man. Reading the comment section of his blog, one can debate with him but he often repackages anyone’s beliefs so he can have a chance to refute them.

    I remember one time reading his thoughts on the Trinity, he attempted to compare it to the Trimurti, which if someone cares to do the research, the Trimurti really isn’t a Trinity at all.

  2. Thanks, Philip Augustine! Very well said!

    I got into it several times with Zande and, as you say, you can’t get anything substantive out of him. He, along with his ofttimes rhetorical colleague-in-arms, Arkenaten, inspired me to look more deeply into it. So, I (really we — my colleagues and I) went out to find people to ask them to offer actual justifications for the very serious charges they were leveling.

    It was always circular. “Well, he’s a racist because he’s a fascist!” Or, “He’s a fascist because he’s a racist! Don’t you get it?!?”

    I’d press for details. Nothing. Travel ban? Well, it obviously wasn’t a muslim ban, else there’s have been a ban on travel from a lot more countries than six! Immigrant bashing? Nope. Illegal immigration bashing, absolutely! But, an honest examination of his words revealed no immigrant bashing whatsoever. Did he say unkind things about people who are here illegally? Sure. So? They broke the law to get here! They do avail themselves of as much free stuff as is available to them. They do come here to produce “anchor babies.” No one debates any of this.

    If you look at our experiences at debating with leftists, you can come to no other conclusion than that they’re simply making it all up.

    Yet, the Left continues, nearly as one, to call him both those toxic things…knowing full well they can produce nothing to back it up.

    Love Trump, hate him, or some point in-between, objectively, using actual facts, he’s neither a racist nor a fascist. And goodness knows we’re not big Trump fans here. But we do try to analyze things using actual facts. And we do try to inform our ideological underpinnings with actual facts. The Left doesn’t feel the need to burden itself with those responsibilities. Much easier to produce yet another Big Lie and repeat it ad infinitum until it becomes “The narrative.”

    As we said before… a special kind of dirtbag.


    — x

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