To Win the Debate

Look, let’s face it: we on the Right won the debate long, long ago.

  • We invented anti-slavery, Then…
  • We defeated slavery. Then…
  • We defeated Socialism in all its odious flavors. Then…
  • In doing so, we liberated billions around the world from some form of left-wing oppression or other. Then…
  • With our genius invention — liberal capitalism — we liberated hundreds and hundreds of millions from poverty and gave billions more the hope that there is an escape from poverty and oppression. For the first time — ever — in history. And…
  • We became the only source of original thinking at all, as it pertains to making the world better for everyone.

We not only won the debate, we routed the Left intellectually. We sent them scurrying back under the rock where they found their neanderthal ideas in the first place.

Where they spent their time formulating ways to re-package the same horrid, reactionary, old thoughts and ideas that have been enslaving people for millennia.

So we constantly have to “win” the debate over and over and over and over again.

And, why?

Because, of course, the Left doesn’t give a rat’s hind-quarters about solving problems… they care only about obtaining, then retaining, power.

They use their stunted idea of debate — come up with some nonsensical codswallop, then accuse opponents of horrible things, and, if need be, prevent them even from speaking — merely to generate a coterie of mindless followers who will either vote to hand power over to them, or pour into the streets to support their “issue.”

As you can tell, my problem with the left-right “debate” is that it’s rarely an actual debate. Here’s how it’s always happened:

(1) Some leftist half-wit steps up and regurgitates some weird leftist half-wittery — the same half-wittery that all the other leftist herd are saying, and everyone knew he was going to say in the first place. Then…

(2) The leftist media breathlessly report the leftist half-wittery as if it’s established truth. Then…

(3) The Left take up, as one, some chorus of accusation to the effect that all [fill-in-right-wing-bogeyman-here] are [fill-in-left-wing-slander-here]. Then…

(4) Conservatives fall all over themselves to show that they’re not [fill-in-left-wing-slander-here].

Eventually, of course, our ideas get out there, and we win the debate again, and Obamacare is revealed as the fraud that it is, and welfare is revealed as the soul-sapping travesty that it is, and abortion is revealed as the monstrosity that it is, and, and, and… but, by then, the half-wits in the press have moved on and Obamacare is still the law of the land, and so are welfare and abortion. And so on.

We Conservatives lose the “debate” before it even begins! Because it was never a debate in the first place. All just a leftist kabuki dance to whose tune we on the Right always seem to dance.

A simple truth about the Left is that they will never stop. Ever. Not even when they hold all power in America. Then, they’ll continue to stage these fake debates to keep enough of the public afire to keep them in power… and to shut up the rest of us.

Therefore, here’s the corollary for us: if we’re always playing defense, then the Left will always win, and we’ll soon be living in a tyranny the likes of which history has never seen.

Furthermore — and we’ve said this next in these pages hundreds of times — we need to go on offense.

We’ve said in no uncertain terms, that every time some leftist half-wit slanders the Right, we should go immediately on offense.

Here’s another simple truth about the Left: they’re way more guilty of the particulars of every accusation they level at the Right. We need to point that out. Loudly, constantly, prominently, in the halls of power.

They’re idiots, generally, on the Left. If we direct real verbal fire at them, they’ll wilt like the daisies they are.

We’re finding out how they are on the Left these days, when they shrink from even hearing opposing points of view. Better just to cover their faces (cowards!) and prevent the speaker from speaking entirely!

But they’re like the Soviet Union… Everyone was convinced that the Soviet Union was one of the two superpowers, but you have to remember: they invented potemkinvilles in Russia! That’s what the Soviet Union was: (figuratively) a bunch of gaily-decorated façades in front of empty buildings. And that’s what the Left is: a bunch of impassioned façades in front of empty heads.

If we keep ratcheting up the pressure — as did Reagan — the emptiness of the Left’s thinking will cause them to crumple too, just like the Soviet Union.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “To Win the Debate

  1. “We Conservatives lose the “debate” before it even begins! Because it was never a debate in the first place. All just a leftist kabuki dance to whose tune we on the Right always seem to dance.” – And they can’t stand it when we don’t dance with them. It is particularly bothersome as they watch their stranglehold over the media slip away with fractionalization. They lament, as Boehner did, that the ‘good old days’ of only three major News Broadcasts and 5 Major newspapers are over… wishing for those days to return. As of this very moment I’m having a difficult time telling who is screaming louder, the poisonous socialist fools addicted to old evil ideas or the poisonous socialist media addicted to old evil ideas.

  2. Well said, Mike!

    The old socialist fools and the poisonous socialist media are competing with each other to see who can most effectively and loudly drown out any opposing ideas. And they’re doing it. All across the land, Conservative speakers are acquiescing to the heckler’s veto, and not demanding the right to speak on a publicly-funded college campus. We’re not suing to punish the cowards at the universities, and we’re backing down when the antifa fascists launch “counter protests.”

    In other words, we’re giving in to the goons, and we have to stop it.

    The leftist echo chamber, unfortunately, overlaps with so much of the daily lives of all Americans that the Left are able to squelch opposing thoughts quite effectively.

    Look for organizations around us to start examining you and me as purveyors of “hate speech,” and the like.

    I already know that we’re under scrutiny here by people who are too afraid to debate us, and would rather shut us down.


    — x

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