NPR Watch (8/19/17) — NPR’s Two Rules

Remember the old joke? It goes:

There are two rules:

  • Rule #1: The boss is always right.
  • Rule #2: If the boss is wrong, see Rule #1.

There are variations on it, of course: Dad’s always right, or Mom’s always right, and so forth.

National Public Radio (NPR), has the same two rules: Rule #1: The Left is always right…

I think you can figure out Rule #2.

It makes for some interesting listening to see how they tie themselves in knots to comply with Rule #2, but they always manage to do it.

They have variations on those same two rules too. For example: Rule #1: Trump is always wrong. Rule #2: If Trump is right, see Rule #1.

Pertaining to Charlottesville, for example, shortly after the thing turned violent, Trump came out with a statement condemning bigotry and violence “from many sides.” The media, including NPR jumped all over that and whined that Trump had not singled out “What Nationalists” and “White Supremacists” for especially vigorous condemnation. Remember that?

What that also meant, though, was that, in the media’s opinion, bigotry and violence from some sides are better than bigotry and violence from others.

The Left expose their moral decrepitude every time they open their mouths. We on the Right need to have the perspicacity and the moral fortitude to point it out. Yet, we, in our small but increasingly influential think tank are the only ones to have noticed that, and to have pointed it out.

— xPraetorius

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