The Barcelona Atrocity: Some Initial Observations

• Obviously We Need “Car Control” •

Some quick observations about the atrocity in Barcelona today.

  • It was a muslim jihadi who did it. Obviously.
  • The very first thoughts the leaders of the Democrat Party had, in no particular order:
    • Darn! Now we can’t virtue signal about Charlottesville anymore.
    • How can we use this to obtain/retain/increase our power?
    • We need car control!
  • How can we blame this on Trump?
  • Can we somehow weave Charlottesville into this story without sounding too stupid?
  • How do we turn these obviously socialist islamists into right-wingers?
  • In re: We need car control: This is the logic of the Left as it pertains to guns. If a person uses a gun to harm someone else, needless to say, the Left blames… the gun. Obviously, that means that the Left must now clamor for “Car Control.”

— xPraetorius


4 thoughts on “The Barcelona Atrocity: Some Initial Observations

  1. “Can we somehow weave Charlottesville into this story without sounding too stupid?” Too late, CNN already went there with Wolf Blitzer actually asking if the car driving in to a crowd in Barcelona was somehow influenced by the vehicle attack in Charlottesville. Yup, he actually said that and no, he was not able to do it without sounding like a complete moron. Of course I’m sure there are moron minions probably tweeting and Facebooking the same thing right now.

    1. I know I’m too late, Tricia, darn it! 🙂 I found out about Blitzer’s half-wittery well after I wrote the above. Actually, I’m glad that I didn’t get there first. See below.

      I noticed something else as well. It’s something for which we’ve been calling in these pages for a very long time: calling out leftist nitwittery, jeering at it, covering it with the derision it so richly deserves. Michelle Malkin’s great web site is doing yeoman’s work.

      My problem with the left-right “debate” is that it’s rarely an actual debate. Here’s how it’s always happened:

      (1) Some leftist half-wit steps up and regurgitates some weird leftist codswallop — the same codswallop that all the other leftist herd are saying, and everyone knew he was going to say in the first place. Then…

      (2) The leftist media breathlessly report it as if they’ve just received established truth. Then…

      (3) The Left take up, as one, some chorus of accusation to the effect that all [fill-in-right-wing-bogeyman-here] are [fill-in-leftist-slander-here]. Then…

      (4) Right-wingers fall all over themselves to show that they’re not [fill-in-leftist-slander-here].

      And we Conservatives lose the “debate” even before it’s begun! Because the thing was rigged from the get-go.

      A simple truth about the Left is that they will never stop. Ever. Not until they hold all power in America. Therefore, here’s the corollary for us: if we’re always playing defense, then the Left will win, and we will be living in a tyranny the likes of which history will never have seen.

      Therefore — we’ve said this next in these pages hundreds of times — we need to go on offense.

      We’ve said that every time some leftist half-wit slanders the Right, we should immediately go on the offense. Here is another simple truth about the Left: they are way more guilty of every accusation they level at the Right. We need to point that out. Loudly, constantly, prominently, in the halls of power.

      They’re idiots on the Left. If we direct real verbal fire at them, they’ll wilt like the daisies they are.

      We’re finding out how they are on the Left these days, when they shrink from even hearing opposing points of view. Better just to cover their faces (cowards!) and prevent the speaker from speaking entirely!

      But they’re like the Soviet Union… Everyone was convinced that the Soviet Union was one of the two superpowers, but you have to remember: they invented potemkinvilles in Russia! That’s what the Soviet Union was: (figuratively) a bunch of gaily-decorated façades in front of empty buildings. And that’s what the Left is: a bunch of impassioned façades in front of empty heads.

      If we keep ratcheting up the pressure — as did Reagan — the emptiness of their own leftism will cause them to crumple as the Soviet Union did.


      — x

      1. Oh you know I so totally agree with this x! And CNN is just driving themselves off a left wing cliff, they don’t even try to play it straight any more. Even my mom said something derogatory about them the other day!

        Trump needs to be careful though about he himself doing the fighting. I get that people like that, I do too at times but he is president of the nation, not just those of us on the right. Reagan would have understood this and why keeping that in mind is better for the country.

        1. Yep. You are, of course, right on the nose.

          It was one of my critiques of Obama: He definitely considered himself the President only of his own supporters, and he thought that those who disagreed with him needed to be re-educated.

          That, by the way, is a big preoccupation/habit/trope of the Left: their opponents need to be fixed, to be transformed, to be brought around, to be re-educated… to agree with the Left.

          In extreme cases, of course, the Left just killed ’em. Cf, eg: “Union, Soviet,” “China, Red,” “Korea, North,” et al.


          — x

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