On the Right, We Won the War of Ideas…Now Can We Win the Culture War?

On the Right we won the War of Ideas decisively many years ago. We won it on the battlefields of World War II Europe, and in the Pacific Theater. Then we won it in the decades-long stare-down known as The Cold War.

Disproved, discredited, exposed as frauds and lies, all the ideas of the Left should be rotting on the ash heap of history, along with their repellent close relatives: serfdom, slavery, feudalism, tyranny, oppressive government.

But they’re not.

We won the war of ideas long, long ago. That’s why the Left has only slander, the Big Lie and violence in their toolbox now. We routed the Left completely in the war of ideas, but I don’t have any real optimism that the forces of good will win the culture war itself.

The forces of brainless nitwittery, the Left, are on the rise, and the Right, the overwhelming winners in the War of Ideas, is too cowed to mount an effective opposition.

Remember: the Left are like ISIS… you can’t reason with them, because they don’t deal with reason or thought; they’re sheep. A herd of brainwashed sheep will overwhelm a group of people acting rationally every time. Just as in the Korean War, the Chinese hordes overwhelmed the allied forces.

Furthermore, the Left don’t care how many people die in the pursuit of their goal: power. The Left were thrilled when Heather Heyer was killed in Charlottesville this past weekend. They wanted desperately for something like that to happen . And, of course, it would be hard to find a more sympathetic victim: young woman, all full of idealistic, leftist energy, hippie parents… she was the whole package for them! The Left dreams of moments like that, and they got one. Hence the orgy of virtue signalling.

Read it well: as surely as they killed more than 140 million people in the last century, the Left killed Heather Heyer, too. And they’ll kill more. And, of course, they’ll blame the Right for it.

— xPraetorius


One thought on “On the Right, We Won the War of Ideas…Now Can We Win the Culture War?

  1. We can win this war but it will take a lot of time, possibly multiple generations.
    After all, it took the Left decades of infiltration, indoctrination, propaganda, lies and manipulation to get it where it is today.
    This is going to be a long, long war and endurance is key.
    This is where conservatives have a great advantage. It’s called familiy. The family keeps the spirit alive and passes it to the next generation. Those who last longer will win.
    The family is the place where the cultural warriors are steeled and given the moral and intellectual weapons they need in order to endure in any hostile environment.
    The Left wants to destroy the family in order to create the zombies that it needs as slaves and as foot soldiers.
    For this reason the Left wants childcare and education to be run completely by the state.
    That is where the war is lost or won. That is where we must not let the state take over because in the long run the state is no match for the family.
    So, if we hold that line, If our spirit is not broken, if we wil not give up, If we stop just reacting and keep pushing constantly, we WILL win.

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