Antifa? Neo-Nazis? Nazis? All The Same Things

One more quick observation about Charlottesville:

When Antifa showed up spoiling for a fight, and they looked across at the protesters carrying swastika flags… they were looking in the mirror.

Again, the best piece I’ve read yet on this is here. Mike has pointed out what should be obvious: The scuffle in Charlottesville was a family fight.

Here are some key passages from Mike’s great piece:

I have long espoused at this very ink-spot that the only thing Socialists like to do more than fight with Capitalists is fight with each other.  History demonstrates this over and over and over…

All culminating in Socialists doing what Socialists do… fighting with each other resulting in death.


Here’s another one:

Keep in mind folks, both of these groups believe in the subjugation of Human Beings.  One side tries to justify it using race, the other actively justifies it by their bizarre vacillating opinion of who is stupid based solely on whomever disagrees with them.  Both are poisonous.  Both ideologies have killed people, 9 Million in the case of the National Socialists and now well past 100 Million in the case of the International Socialists.

Wow! Wonderfully well said! And anytime anyone exposes the more than 120 million murders committed in the name of International Socialism in the past century alone, it’s a good thing. We need to keep saying it over and over and over and over and over again, until it finally sinks in.

Here’s Mike in a pithy passage that successfully summarizes both the media and President Trump:

Our Socialist news outlets, or just “news outlets” to make it easy, want us to be angry with a President for not responding quickly enough in condemning oneof the groups… BUT NOT BOTH.  If there were ever an illustration of the danger we face from our own press, this is it.

Look, Trump, as far as I can tell, has no ideological foundation.  I can’t place him as a Socialist any more than I can place him as a Capitalist.  I guess the only fitting label is the meaningless trash can term of “Populist” due to the fact it applies to individuals who have not given the time to think about what they actually believe in.  So “Populist” it is.

That is as near a perfect description of media and of Trump as I’ve ever read.

Here’s an angle I hadn’t thought of. It’s a brilliant insight, though, and Mike has nailed it exactly:

The Russia thing has run its course.  None of us care… at least not in terms of what Trump was doing.  A lot of us care about Hillary, Podesta, the DNC etc.  And that, that, that cannot be allowed to happen.  It’s getting uncomfortable for our homegrown Elitist Klass and thus a new narrative must be born.

Send in the Clowns…. to a Virginia park…. in a city none of us ever heard of…. seemingly out of the blue.

Don’t fool yourselves.  This theater in the park was long in the making.  The Liberals are desperate, and When all else fails… play the race card.  (Have you noticed nobody is talking about the horrors of International Socialism?  It’s all about Race.  How convenient.)

So there we were minding our own business when Terry McCauliffe and the crowd put together a show timed with a ready to eat message telling the world how Trump is a NAZI  (National Democratic Socialist).   -In all honesty, that’s giving the man a lot of credit as there is no evidence I can point to that he has thought enough about political ideology to arrive even at that.  But I digress.


That’s it folks, it’s all about a New Message for the Fall.  You didn’t buy the Evil Russian Conspiracy, sooooo… It’s a shiny new ‘thing’ to move your attention away from the Slavs and onto a well-worn page of the Communist Playbook.  Saul Alinsky would be proud, sadly, at the success some of his old tactics can still generate.

Mike is a trenchant observer, and a smart, incisive analyst of current events. Plus he’s a good read. His style is almost purposefully careless. Sometimes, as in the above passages, he seems to play around with, let’s say, “non-traditional” capitalization and punctuation, but it gives his writing a spontaneous, first-draft quality that makes it feel as if he’s talking directly to you. It’s a style that might be called “practiced carelessness,” or “calculated insouciance.” However, Mike would tell you that I’m way overthinking it, so I’ll just call it “Mikeness,” and I like it a lot.

I hope you will too.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “Antifa? Neo-Nazis? Nazis? All The Same Things

  1. You are a kind man, X. And, clearly smart… handsome… generous… and did I mention kind? In a previous life I was told “you write like you speak”. Indeed, and it is intentional. If you were to hear my voice you could hear me in these posts. Luckily for you you’ll never have to suffer hearing my voice.
    Often we yell at an empty room… in the hope a single set of ears hear the echo. Cheers to you and thanks for the citations.

  2. I wouldn’t mind hearing your voice at all, Mike! I forgot the other clever term you used for your content: “slurred typing.” Excellent!

    Within your so-called slurred typing is a lot of insight and keen observation. I’m a big fan of yours.


    — x

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