There’s No Excuse For This

The Left is not unhinged. They’re completely hinged. Their intent is absolutely to bring America low. There’s no possible other conclusion. And they are actively going about that ignoble task. There’s no excuse for what they do. Their record of supporting the monsters, killers, genocidal maniacs, eugenicists and other monsters throughout the last two centuries is unbroken.

In this post we chronicled the extent to which the Left, and its political wing the Democrat Party, have constantly over many decades operated solidly against American interests.

And now, a high, high, high-ranking Democrat official, Keith Ellison — no less than the #2 man-in-charge of the entire party apparatus — has called Kim Jong Un “more responsible” than President Trump.

Kim Jong Un, you’ll recall, has spent the last few months lobbing Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles into the ocean over and near Japan. He’s announced that he can put a nuclear bomb on the tip of one of the missiles, and toss one onto the U.S. territory of Guam. Furthermore, he’s stated the non-too-subtle desire actually to fling one such ICBM onto the American mainland.

And Keith Ellison has said, publicly, mind you, that Kim Jong Un is more responsible than Trump! One’s first thought is: what a moron! But, then, one thinks a bit more, and one realizes that Ellison was speaking to like-minded leftists, and they… applauded his assertion!

I assume that as soon as the ghoulish Ellison uttered his fatuous nonsense, the rest of the brainless Left took up the chorus of how Trump is a traitor, or a warmonger, or somehow evil.

Let’s not forget either, Kim Jong Un is the owner/operator of a human-crunching, ghastly, concentration camp the size of Pennsylvania. Stories coming from the few who have escaped from the hellhole that is North Korea all tell of conditions that make the Nazis and the Soviets look charitable and kind.

And Keith Ellison says that Kim Jong Un is more responsible than President Trump.

Oh, that’s right… I forgot for a moment (I didn’t really, it’s a rhetorical device) Ellison’s a muslim. Presumably he sides with those other orcs, wandering about the Middle East, ISIS, as well. You know… the ones running around blowing up, burning alive, burying alive, crucifying, beheading and dismembering men, women and children? Yeah, those. They’re Ellison’s co-religionists. It’s just not popular at this moment in America to admit that, so Ellison keeps that particular perversion under his hat.

Ellison’s dirtbaggery represents a low to which even the international Left, accustomed as they are to automatically supporting America’s enemies, don’t often sink. Not publicly at least. No, to betray America, you need an American leftist. A dirtbag like Keith Ellison.

— xPraetorius


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