NPR Watch (8/14/17)

National Public Radio’s Obsessions

  • First and Foremost, the Prime Obsession: All things Leftist. NPR is a political organization masquerading as a news outfit.
  • And here are the Secondary Obsessions:
    • Race grievance
      • Black good, white bad
      • “Of color” good, white bad
    • Sex
      • All things trans
      • All things feminist
      • All things gay
    • Death
      • Abortion = good
      • Euthanasia = good
      • Coming soon: Eugenics = good. Never forget that eugenics was a favorite passion of the Left throughout the first half of the 20th Century.
    • Environmentalism
      • Long debunked Global Warming is… alive and well!
      • “Climate Change” They know that Global Warming has been debunked, but they can never admit they’ve been wrong, so they, like the rest of the Left, needed to call it something else.
    • Trump hatred
      • Also:
        • Hatred of Conservatives
        • Hatred of Republicans
    • Look how smart we are. They try desperately to affect easy, breezy mannerisms to try to give the impression that they’re just, well just so smart.
    • Look how cool we are!
      • Pop culture
      • Movies
      • Offbeat books — only the ones that prove how cool, hip and deep they are
    • Look how good we are!
      • We love:
        • women
        • children
        • gays
        • trans
        • black people
        • brown people
        • little people
        • sick people
        • poor people
        • sad people

Every single feature on NPR — bar absolutely none — happens in order to advance their Leftism Prime Obsession. All their features and programs, bar absolutely none, take the form of a feature on one of the secondary obsessions, which are only tools to advance the Prime Obsession.

I mean every feature. I have never, ever, not ever, not even once, heard a single feature that allowed the expression and development of a Conservative idea. And I’ve listened to NPR for 45 years.

The NPR droids are also really insecure, so they do all they can do to show just how incredibly smart, tolerant, wise, cool and… good they are.

Go ahead… play the NPR Game. Listen to a feature, and see which category it falls into. Come to think of it… don’t listen to NPR. You risk coming out of it older and stupider.

— xPraetorius


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