Charlottesville: You HAD to Know the Media Would Get it Wrong; Moronically, Idiotically, Brainlessly Wrong


Bottom Line: The media get it wrong every time because: (1) they’re stupid. (2) Because, they get every politically-oriented gathering wrong, (3) though entirely lacking in self-awareness, they understand viscerally that the Black Lives Matter movement is a Black Supremacist movement, so they assume that any movement involving whiteness, regardless of what they might say, is a White supremacist movement. (4) Because they don’t know what racism actually is.

And, of course, the media did get Charlottesville all wrong. The lefty media went ballistic, and called out the troops across the land. “Oh the hate, all the hate! And the racism! And the hate! All that hate! Hate! Hate! We hate all that hate! And the right-wing media fell all over themselves to make sure that they couldn’t be accused of racism.

They immediately “reported” it (scare quotes because it’s not reporting to pass along fabrications) that it was a “White Supremacist” march in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend.

I paid attention. I heard almost nothing and almost no one espousing anything even remotely resembling White Supremacy. More to the point, I heard many hasten to point out that they absolutely did not believe in White Supremacy. This does not mean in any way that I support what happened in Charlottesville. In fact, I don’t. But, it was not a White Supremacist march.

The media get this wrong for a lot of reasons, one of which is that the Black Lives Matter movement is a real, genuine racist supremacist movement, The media generally have a Self-Awareness Quotient down near that of an avocado. So, they do, at some deep level, realize that BLM is a racist movement. Therefore they assume that any movement that talks about white people — regardless of what they say — is a White Supremacist movement.

I heard several interviewees among the marchers say that they believed in White Separatism, because they believe that white people come in for a whole lot vilification in America today. Whether you approve or not, that position is entirely defensible. These same people hastened to say that they were not White Supremacists in any way, and that, in fact, they condemned the very idea of White Supremacy.

However, it’s a simple statement of fact that in today’s America, while there are strong societal pressures forbidding anyone to say anything at all even slightly negative — kidding or not — about a wide assortment of grievance groups today, there is no such pressure preventing anyone from saying the vilest crap about white people.

What’s that list of protected grievance groups? I’m glad you asked: Black people, women, gays, transes, lesbians, Hispanics, brown people, muslims… got the picture? Go ahead, make even a tiny sarcastic public remark about any of those groups and see where it gets you.

Now here’s a list of people about whom you’re perfectly free to say anything you want, no matter how vile and disgusting: Catholics, evangelicals, Republicans, Conservatives, white men, Tea Partiers. Oh yes, and… “white people.”

This last group — white people — is understood not to include: women, transes, gays, leftists, muslims, lesbians, no matter how white any of them may be. That leaves everyone’s favorite punching bag: White men.

To say that white people, mostly white men, are routinely and constantly vilified in the media as well as in pop culture, Hollywood and throughout academia at all levels, is to state the obvious. No one disputes the assertion.

So, I heard a whole lot of people from Charlottesville saying that “white people are people too,” but that was about as strident as I heard. And, oddly enough, white people are people too. This is not a controversial statement. That the media immediately turned a statement of the obvious into some kind of “White Supremacy” slur shows their dim-bulb cluelessness.

did hear the odd provocateur say some nitwittery like, “White people rule!” That was likely actually someone from the Left trying to fool the news media into reporting that it was a right-winger.

By the way, the Left is notorious for that kind of thing. Leftists are constantly being caught painting swastikas, and faking reports of rape or racial slurs that either they themselves committed, or that they completely made up. They are the quintessential boys who cry wolf. In the famous fable, the boy did it to get attention; the Left does it to dupe the press, which almost always works.

However, the reason for this particular post in our small but increasingly influential think tank’s blog, is something that occurred to me as I was driving somewhere, and it’s this: The reason the press will always get a gathering like Charlottesville wrong, is simple, and two-fold: (1) they get every political gathering wrong, whether it be of the Right, the Left, or anything else, and (2) they don’t understand racism. They don’t know what it is, and therefore can’t properly identify whether anyone’s exhibiting it or, most crucially, when they’re not.

Here is a table that should explain it in very simple terms — Love/Hate — that even the media might be able to understand (though, I realize that’s a tall order):

State of Mind

Is it Racism?

Do the Media Think it’s Racism?

1) Love black people! No No
2) Hate black people! Yes Yes
3) Love white people! No Yes
4) Hate white people! Yes No
5) Love black people! and Hate white people! Yes No
6) Love white people! and Hate black people! Yes Yes
7) Hate white people! and Hate black people! Maybe Yes
8) Love white people! and Love black people! No Yes

That simple table above shows why the media can never get anything pertaining to race right. The red entries show where the media are wrong about what they think is or is not racism.

You can distill it even further:

Anytime anyone comes to an automatic conclusion about someone else, merely because of the color of his skin, that person is a racist. Period.

If you’re interested, here’s a brief summary explanation of each entry in the above table, and how the media get it wrong. Again, I’ve dumbed it down for the members of the media who will read this. And, again, the ones that the media get wrong are in red.

#1: Love black people: If someone loves black people, that’s not racism. The person could be a racist still, but his favorable feeling regarding black people is not racist. It would be odd, for example, for any black person to be not pro-black people. In fact, it’s deeply desirable that black people be, well, pro-black people.

#2: Hate black people: If someone hates black people, that’s racist. The person is against a group of people merely because of the color of their skin. The very definition of racism.

#3: Love white people: If someone loves white people, that’s not racism. This is one thing that the media get wrong all the time. It’s something that we white people get wrong all the time. The media, and indeed, racist black people are constantly telling white people that they ought to loathe themselves. The Left have bought into this pernicious conclusion. Needless to say, it’s a very bad thing. Furthermore, as for black people, it’s deeply desirable that white people be very much pro-white people. A pro-white people person can still be a racist, of course, if he’s also anti-black people. But, if he’s merely pro-white people, he’s not a racist, no matter how much the media think he is.

#4: Hate white people: Again, this is the very definition of racism: the denigration of an entire people based on nothing more than the color of their skin. Needless to say, the media get this one wrong all the time as well

#5: Love black people and Hate white people: This is another one that the media get wrong all the time. You can be the greatest crusader in the world for the rights of black people, but if at the same time, you hate white people because they’re white, then you’re as scummy a racist as any other one of any color. Like #6, below, this should be patently obvious. The media are too stupid to understand this third-grade thing, though.

#6: Love white people and Hate black people: Duh. You’re a racist. Where the media get this one wrong, is in their widespread assumption that all white people who are not self-flagellating, self-loathing wretches, also hate black people. Nope. The vast majority of pro-white people people, are also pro-black people. There are a few half-wits who meet the description of this item, but they’re few and far between, and their numbers are rapidly diminishing.

#7: Hate white people and Hate black people: This is just a misanthrope. Unless, that is, she’s something else… like a Hispanic, or an Asian or some “other.” In that case, yep, she’s a racist.

#8: Love white people and Love black people: Another one that the media get wrong all the time. The iron-clad rule to which the media adhere is that you must hate white people, or else you’re a racist. Or, if you’re pro-white people, then you’re automatically  a racist. Perversely, according to the media, this #8 person, who simply has generally favorable feelings toward all people, is… you guessed it: a racist.  We saw this in the fawning coverage the media gave to the Black Lives Matter members who insisted that it was racism to suggest that all lives matter.

Look, it may have been a White Supremacist march in Charlottesville, I don’t know. And you couldn’t reasonably come to any conclusion based on media “reporting.” However, everyone I saw took great pains to say that it was a White Separatist thing. I don’t know about you, but that strikes me as just as bad. Worse, even. White Supremacy in America today is a myth. A fabrication made up by people who want more free things, and a built-in excuse for failure. There could be White Separatism, though, and that would be a very bad thing.

— xPraetorius


9 thoughts on “Charlottesville: You HAD to Know the Media Would Get it Wrong; Moronically, Idiotically, Brainlessly Wrong

  1. I hear what you’re saying x and agree whole heartedly that the media has always gotten it wrong when it comes to reporting on race matters (on many things really) and that white males have most certainly been unfairly vilified in this country. You will find no greater ally than myself in calling out the scourge of identity politics, victimization and reverse racism crap going on in this country.

    We have to be careful though not to let all of that that cloud our vision when it comes to groups like those that marched in the “unite the right”. The organizers, Richard Spencer and David Duke are notorious Jew haters and white supremacists and there were many marching while making the Nazi salut and spouting Nazi slogans.

    A good portion of those marchers may be completely innocent of this and, as you say just there to stick up for the white guy, but it was still an icky event with many repugnant morons participating and I think the Right, Conservatives especially, need to distance themselves pronto from people like this. These groups certainly have the right to protest and to not be attached for doing so but when they do it under the label of “the right”, our political leaders have a responsibility to say not in our name.

    Just my thoughts, you know I love your writing! 😉

    1. I strongly agree, Tricia! I don’t support any of the possible goals of that march in Charlottesville. More to the point, I strongly antisupport the goals of the march in Charlottesville!

      I was decrying the automatic labeling of the thing as a “White Supremacist” event by the media. It was laziness and lack of intellectual heft on the part of the media that turned the event into something that it, very possibly, was not.

      What it was, was almost certainly unambiguously bad, but if we’re going to resist what’s bad, we have to know the nature of the bad thing. You can’t treat a cancer with tuberculosis medicine.

      If you look over the piece, you’ll see that I suggested that the actual goal of the march might have been: White Separatism, which I also decried throughout the piece.

      After all, that’s what the marchers said they were marching for! We listen to leftist protest groups’ goals, and report those assertions as news. Why would we decide that so-called “right-wing” protest groups can’t tell us what they’re actually protesting for?

      (Quick parenthetical remark: Neo-Nazis are leftists, not rightists.)

      “White Supremacy” — in today’s America — is a fiction. “White Separatism” is potentially real. And just as bad.

      If it was actually a White Separatist rally, then we should know that. Not what the lazy, dishonest, corrupt, intellectually challenged media want us to believe. 🙂

      You’re absolutely right, in my humble opinion, that Richard Spencer and David Duke are loathsome creatures.

      However, one also has to admit that we’ve never once received an actual honest assessment of who they are from the media. We’ve heard, read and seen only what the media want us to believe about them. With that said, my independent research confirms that Spencer and Duke are vile. The point: the media are incapable of giving us an accurate picture of anything political, so it’s a sure bet you’re not getting the straight poop about Charlottesville.


      — x

      1. Oh I agree, the media is incapable of accuracy, but at some point you have to trust what you’re seeing and reading if it’s being reported by multiple sites across the political spectrum. And for sure many in the march probably were there for white separatism, which really is just as bad as you stated. An honest and frank discussion about what’s happening in this country is desperately needed.
        That being the case and knowing what we know about David Duke and Richard Spencer and the fact that the march was titled “Unite the Right”, it’s a no brainer in my view for any Republican to loudly proclaim they want no part of that. Ben Shapiro has a good column out on this here,

        1. I read the column. It’s outstanding… as Ben Shapiro almost always is.

          I do quibble with the “Nazis = Right-wing” thing, but in the rest of it, Ben’s on the nose… as he almost always is. And, of course, his major premise is correct. I just think that “the cancer” comes mostly from the Left.

          We on the right can make the mistake of assuming that people who resist the Left are automatically on the Right. Jonah Goldberg’s outstanding book, Liberal Fascism, showed how that’s simply not true.

          In the ’20’s and ’30’s, there were various “Lefts” and they fought it out both for power and for the same constituency: the working class. At that time, the Nazis, as well as Mussolini’s Fascists were solidly on the Socialist Left. History, and leftist historians, magically transported them to “the Right” only after they fought a war against the unambiguously leftist Josef Stalin.


          — x

          1. You are so right about the Nazis being on the Left. I loved Jonah’s book, I wish everyone in America would read it. Of course it would trigger the snowflake lefties out of their minds!

  2. That makes sense to me, Tricia.

    I would like to unify the Right, but by that I mean true right-wingers. I think that the political Right, and all prominent spokespeople for the Right have leaped out in front on this one, and unanimously renounced it. They did that just fine. And it was unanimous. There’s no one on the Right who recognizes Spencer or Duke as members. Furthermore, we’ve made it clear in these pages — and documented it thoroughly — that Nazis and Neo-Nazis are of the Left. (search: Hitler right-winger in our search box)

    Also, President Trump’s original statement was just fine. He denounced bigotry and racism of all types. Well… yeah! Needless to say, it was insufficient to the Left, for whom all such statements will always be too little, or too late, or too something else. But, the Right has been unanimous for a very long time. There’s no place for such half-wittery on the political Right.

    Here’s the problem: the Left have bludgeoned and bullied the entire country into a really stupid state-of-mind in which, no matter what, whenever things like Charlottesville take place, the following sequence of events unfolds: (1) the Left immediately fall all over themselves to scream “White Supremacy” and tar the entire right-wing with the racism charge, (2) the sheep in the left-wing media take up the cry, (3) the right-wing media fall all over themselves to make sure that they condemn the thing before anyone else so that the racism charges won’t stick, and no one can actually say that they’ve heard anything sincere or truthful. It’s automatic.

    Again, it should be noted, that “White Supremacy” in today’s America is a myth that serves to galvanize the non-thinking masses of the Left.

    We can’t have real solutions to problems if the dominant media are unwilling to treat left-wing racism, and left-wing violence, and left-wing vitriol with the same disdain as they pour out on what’s supposed to be the right-wing variants. Remember: nearly all political violence comes from the Left.

    Ben Shapiro is brilliant, and will find say just the right thing. I haven’t yet had a chance to read what he has written, but I look forward to it. I’m second to no one in my disdain for the alt-right —as I understand it — but three things are also true: (1) if you were to put 100 people into the same room, and ask them to come up with a definition for “alt-right”, you’d get 100 different definitions. I’m not sure I could give you a hard and fast definition, because it’s fluid at this point. And (2) the Left use the term “alt-right” to tar all Conservatives and Tea Partiers and Trump supporters (I’m the first two things, but not really one of the third). And (3) the media, and the Left, are on a non-stop quest to tie the following things together: Conservatives • alt-right • racism • Tea Party • Republicans • Trump • fascism • violence • White Supremacy • Trump voters and supporters.

    There are a few more in there, but you get the picture. And it should be noted that there are ties — albeit only tenuous ones — between Conservatives, and whatever alt-right is, and Trump and his voters and supporters. However, we on the Right have made it abundantly clear that (1) if we accept Trump, it’s only reluctantly, and only provisionally, and (2) we’ve always rejected racism, discrimination, bigotry of any kind.

    In these pages, we’ve documented pretty thoroughly how this effort represents nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the fact that these problems are problems of the Left. The Left understands that the best way to conceal their own corruption — in all its many forms — is to scream “Corruption!” at the Right.

    We on the Right have nothing to fear from an honest examination of our history with race relations. The Left does. We on the Right have nothing to fear from an honest examination of our history with anything or anyone. The Left does.

    Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it: Our core guiding principle on the Right is: leave others alone. The core guiding principle of the Left is: to control and meddle in the lives and fates of others to the extent possible.

    The media are of the Left, and so they actively, whole-heartedly and, I think, obviously, support the core principle of the Left. Therefore, they will always report on a Charlottesville-style incident from that angle. From an angle that they think and hope will persuade others to turn leftward. They have no choice. The problem is that tens of millions of Americans do listen to them, and think they’re consuming… “news.”

    They’re not.


    — x

  3. You’re both right! No need to argue, you two!

    I have a wish. It’s that the right would be as vehement and strident in calling out the crap of the left as they are at calling it out when it comes from the right.


  4. Thanks, viewer! I wasn’t arguing with the great Tricia, I was agreeing with her. She’s absolutely right, and I appreciate her perspectives immensely. We were simply coming at it from two different angles. She was absolutely right in pointing out that we need to be absolutely vigilant about keeping our own house clean.

    I appreciate also your observation that we on the Right always call out bad stuff when it comes from our side — immediately, completely, unanimously — and we call it out much more forcefully than we call out leftist crap, as you so colorfully put it.


    — x

  5. One more quick thing. It should be noted that the people who did the Charlottesville rally are not on the Right, no matter how much the media desire to put them there. Sure, they call themselves “alt-right,” but that’s where the similarity ends.

    Think about it. If these people were to be allowed to organize society around their “vision,” does anyone really think that such a society would bear any of the hallmarks of the Right? Limited government? Nope. Nazis and Neo-Nazis are Socialists. Pro-life? I don’t think so! Free speech? Ummm… Nope. Pro-individual rights? Nopers. How about simply limited interference in the lives and affairs of others? Nerp. ‘Fraid not.

    No, these are leftists. The media and the establishment Left continue to refer to them as “right-wingers” because they want to tar the entirety of Conservatism with the muck dripping from people who look a whole lot like… leftists.

    The Left knows these are odious people, so they call them right wingers. Simple as that.

    However, the real truth is that when the goons of “Antifa” look at the Charlottesville White Nationalists, they’re looking in the mirror.


    — x

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