I Spotted a T-Shirt

It had a picture of Abraham Lincoln on it, and it said:


It’s nice to know that there are some out there who have some knowledge of American history, who understand a simple historical truth:

All the really big sins in American history ascribed to racism were committed by… the Democrat Party.

And I mean all the big sins: slavery, then the pre-Civil War defense of slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation, race-based discrimination. The picture of Lincoln shows something as well:

The remedy for these sins has, throughout American history, come from… the Republican Party.

  • The Republican Party was founded, largely, to abolish slavery.
  • It was a Republican President, the first Republican President, who actually abolished slavery… against Democrat opposition.
  • It was the Republican Party that made Civil Rights legislation possible. Had the Democrats tried to do it alone, it wouldn’t have happened, because there was no Democrat majority in favor of it. However, the overwhelming majority of the minority Republican Party was in favor. Without their votes, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would have gone down to defeat.
  • It was a Republican President — Dwight Eisenhower — who initially proposed Civil Rights legislation, and whose proposal was defeated… by Democrats.
  • It was Democrats who implemented the Jim Crow Laws in the South.
  • It was Democrats who instituted and defended segregation in the South.
  • When Democrat President Lyndon Johnson supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he did so only in the face of historical inevitability. An inevitability that Republicans brought about. Johnson gave his support in the hopes that he would be buying the votes of Black Americans for Democrats “for the next 200 years.” He admitted it openly.(1)

Soon enough we’ll come to understand that the American Left, as represented by the Democrat Party, committed all the other big sins of racism as well: Welfare, Affirmative Action, Political Correctness, Abortion, Food Stamps… and all the other assorted rot that coddles, infantilizes, condescends to, and abuses non-white Americans, turning them into little more than serfs on the Democrat party plantation. All these things inevitably will come to be known as grave sins of real leftist racism, and they’re all the work product, first and foremost, of the Democrat Party.

As we’ve said numerous times in these pages, the problem of racism in America is on the political Left.

— xPraetorius


(1) Here are some more tidbits about our 36th President, Lyndon Johnson:

First, some background and the quote about getting black Americans to vote Democrat for 200 years:

Johnson, like other presidents, would often reveal his true motivations in asides that the press never picked up. During one trip, Johnson was discussing his proposed civil rights bill with two governors. Explaining why it was so important to him, he said it was simple: “I’ll have them niggers voting Democratic for two hundred years.”

“That was the reason he was pushing the bill,” said MacMillan, who was present during the conversation. “Not because he wanted equality for everyone. It was strictly a political ploy for the Democratic party. He was phony from the word go.”

Then, there’s this story:

But there were also instances of casual racism that can’t be so easily rationalized. Biographer Caro also notes that Johnson is said to have replied as follows to a black chauffeur who told him he’d prefer to be called by name instead of “boy,” “nigger” or “chief”:

“As long as you are black, and you’re gonna be black till the day you die, no one’s gonna call you by your g***amn name. So no matter what you are called, nigger, you just let it roll off your back like water, and you’ll make it. Just pretend you’re a g***amn piece of furniture.”

Another quote from LBJ:

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.”

Sweet guy, LBJ.

Yep. Those negroes were getting uppity, and LBJ was pretty sure he could buy them off, so he set about to do precisely that. I wish I could say he miscalculated, but it appears that he didn’t.

Here’s a bit more about Johnson:

To be fair, historians point out that sometimes — as in the case above, presumably — Johnson’s more bigotry-laden statements were calculated to achieve a specific end, such as convincing his pro-segregation Dixiecrat colleagues that it was in their best interests to support civil rights legislation. MSNBC reporter Adam Serwer writes:

“In Senate cloakrooms and staff meetings, Johnson was practically a connoisseur of the word. According to Johnson biographer Robert Caro, Johnson would calibrate his pronunciations by region, using “nigra” with some southern legislators and “negra” with others. Discussing civil rights legislation with men like Mississippi Democrat James Eastland, who committed most of his life to defending white supremacy, he’d simply call it “the nigger bill.”

Yes, let’s “be fair” to the openly, blatantly, obviously racist Democrats… but Republicans who are against things like Welfare and racial discrimination in the form of Affirmative Action, are… racists.

Oh, by the way, the source for our information is snopes.com, a hard-left-favoring web site that tried, unsuccessfully, to debunk the “voting Democrat for 200 years” story. Here. The only thing their story did, however, was to confirm our assertions that racism is a problem of the political Left.

Note, for example, their casual reference to the pro-segregation Democrat James Eastland, as well as to the “Dixiecrats,” — aka elected Democrat Party bigwigs in favor of segregation.

To this day, we note, Lyndon B. Johnson is considered a hero of the Civil Rights movement.

One thought on “I Spotted a T-Shirt

  1. Ha! Love that tee-shirt.

    Somewhat amusing, I really began to question the Democrats some years ago in
    a casual discussion about how they had put the first woman’s name into consideration for VP in 1924 at a CLAMbake at Madison Square Gardens. Clambakes are somewhat normal in my neck of the woods, but I still was having trouble picturing one in New York City, so I went to the library. There I discovered it wasn’t a clambake at all, it was a KLANbake.

    Oh. Well now, that changes things considerably. So basically you just flat out lied! What else have you been lying about?!

    And so ended a beautiful romance. Not really, it was more like a cheap date. 🙂

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