President Trump’s Munich Moment

You read it here first: This is the 21st Century’s, and President Trump’s, Munich Moment. You remember the Munich Moment, don’t you?

It was that meeting in 1938 when British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain met with then German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Chamberlain gave in to Hitler’s territorial demands, and came home to a celebratory welcome, at which he proclaimed “Peace for our time!” It was not, needless to say, “peace for our time.” Almost a year — to the day — afterward, Hitler launched World War II.

Sixty million dead later, the free world said it had learned the lesson: You don’t appease madmen!(1)

It’s interesting to note several things:

  • The one telling everyone not to appease Hitler was… Winston Churchill. The appeasers in his own party, and others, were calling him, of course, a bellicose war monger.
  • History indicates that then Prime Minister Chamberlain should have followed Churchill’s advice.
  • If Chamberlain had followed Churchill’s advice, he would have prevented World War II — at least for that moment. And he might have prevented it outright. Historians agree that he likely would have prevented it entirely. Chamberlain would have saved tens of millions of lives… and, he’d be vilified today as a bellicose, aggressive war monger throwing his weight around. 

The choices for Trump are not easy. Kim Jong Un is, plainly, as unhinged as Hitler was. Kim Jong Un just might launch a nuclear warhead at Guam, or at South Korea, or at Japan. Unless, that is, he recognizes, or is persuaded, that it won’t achieve his goals.

Analysts today are unanimously saying that Kim Jong Un’s goal is merely to “preserve his régime.” No one can read the madman’s mind, so I’d discount that conclusion significantly.

However, if that conclusion is questionable, there’s another conclusion that almost certainly is correct: Kim Jong Un would love to wipe out millions of Americans and he doesn’t give a crap about how many of his own people he causes to die in the pursuit of his goals. That alone should force everyone to recognize that this is, indeed, a Munich Moment.

Can you imagine if the Appeaser-in-Chief, Hillary Clinton, were the President now? That would guarantee war… of the nuclear variety.

Bill Clinton gave North Korea their nuclear program; George W. Bush backed down when the Norks showed they were developing nuclear weapons, and Barack Obama overtly gave them the blessing to obtain their bomb. Great jobs the appeasers do, eh?

Now, Trump has a Munich Moment. What will he do with it?

  • If he raises the threat level at Kim Jong Un, then the left will do everything they can to paint Trump as a war monger, and bend all their efforts to make Trump back down. That poses the obvious question: Has the American Left ever acted in America’s best interests?
  • If Trump actually takes out Kim Jong Un — as Neville Chamberlain could, and should, have done to Hitler — then the Left will go ballistic. Trump will be portrayed in all the Left’s lapdog press as, yep, a war monger. And so on. Even though it’s entirely possible that he’ll have saved the lives of tens of millions of people.
  • But, if he backs down, then the Left will pretend that they would have taken care of the problem.

What will President Trump do with his Munich Moment? Let’s all hope and pray that it’s the right thing!

— xPraetorius


(1) Don’t tell that to the American Left, though, who have spent the 70 plus years following World War II, appeasing all manner of bloodthirsty leftist thugs, dictators, mass murderers, genocidists, jihadis and other assorted scum scum.


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