President Trump’s Munich Moment (Part II)

In this post (here) we pointed out that North Korea has presented President Trump with a “Munich Moment.” Munich, if you recall, was the city in which, in 1938, then British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain met with Adolf Hitler, where Chamberlain gave in to Hitler’s territorial demands, and, convinced that Hitler was satisfied, went home proclaiming, “peace for our time.”

He was wrong.

Who remembers the 1980’s? I do.

I remember when President Ronald Reagan advanced an idea he called the Strategic Defense Initiative, or SDI. It was supposed to be a system that would target an incoming Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) and destroy it before it could land in America and kill a bunch of Americans.

Instead it was the Democrats who went ballistic. It was warmongering, they said! It was aggressive, they yowled! You’re poking the Soviet Union in the eye, they bawled! They called Reagan a cowboy, and a moron, and an amiable dunce.

They sneeringly called the whole thing “Star Wars,” after the popular SciFi movies.

The Democrats accompanied all this scornful derision with a focused, fanatical effort, a relentless drive, a to do everything in their power to squash SDI. They did all they could to kill any financing for research for the system. They threw every possible roadblock in the way of “Star Wars.”

If they’d had their way, and if the then Soviet Union had seen fit to lob an ICBM or two our way, we’d have had to grin and bear it.

Now, the psychotic, foaming-at-the-lips, bug-eyed chief orc of the North Korean régime has announced that his military has the means to toss a nuclear-tipped ICBM on the American mainland.

Kim Jong Un has single-handedly made Ronald Reagan look like a genius, while his Democrat opponents are exposed as IQ-deprived idiots. Reagan looks a lot like a man who could see far into the future, while the Democrats look like slope-headed, drooling, empty-eyed half-wits, overwhelmed by a world much too complex for their tiny minds. 

Back in the ’80’s we on the Right knew that SDI was a great idea. That it had the potential to make nuclear weapons obsolete. And the Left was against it.

It makes me ask the question, again, that everyone else should ask, over and over again: Has the Left, or the Democrat Party, ever acted in America’s best interests?

— xPraetorius


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