North Korean Nukes — Thanks, Bill Clinton!

North Korea can now place a nuclear warhead on the tip of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, and drop it somewhere in the United States.

We were going to say the obvious: Thanks one whole heckuva lot, Bill Clinton! But the wonderful jinxx beat us to it. (here)

People on both sides of the political divide will say, “There’s plenty of blame to go around,” but there isn’t.

One senses that if it had not been Bill Clinton in the White House, and it had been a Republican (not just another pantywaist, appeasing Democrat) then the original conditions that launched North Korea on the quest to obtain offensive nuclear weapons might never have been put in place.

The “blame” starts with Bill “The Appeaser” Clinton, and there’s a lot of it. The blame then continues with George W. “The Enabler” Bush, and culminates with Barack “The Greatest Gift North Korea Ever Got” Obama. The proper apportionment of “blame?” Easy:

  • 50% – Bill Clinton – who caused the problem
  • 25% – George W. Bush – who failed to turn around the boat headed for the rocks.
  • 25% – Barack Obama – who made North Korean nukes inevitable.

One hundred percent of the requirement to resolve the problem now falls on the shoulders of Donald Trump.

Can you imagine if it were President Hillary Clinton? “Well we must now begin urgent talks with North Korean leaders!” And, out would come a “deal,” in which — Surprise! — North Korea keeps its nukes and its psychotic 13th Century régime, and we on the Right raise our voices against the whole farce, and then we all forget about it. Until…

One quick comment. This is the 21st Century. Why are there such régimes as North Korea’s and China’s even in existence today? (And Cuba’s, and Venezuela’s, and Vietnam’s, and South Africa’s, and on and on and on and drearily, tragically on…)

— xPraetorius

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