Venezuela Proves — Conclusively — One Thing.

At least one thing — above and beyond the simple, obvious, plain-as-day fact that you should never allow the word “Socialism” within 550,000 miles of your country. Yes, that means that the word “Socialism” should never be uttered by anyone unless he’s more than double the the moon’s distance away from you and can’t harm you.

What’s the simple thing that Venezuela reveals in as convincing a fashion as anything has been revealed in the last two centuries?

No country should ever, not ever, not even once, forever, put a lot of power in the hands of one institution or person. 

Not ever.

Yet, that’s all we humans have ever done throughout history. We’ve called them Kings, Queens, Pharaohs, Monarchs, Dictators, Presidents, Fuhrers, General Secretaries, Lords, Caudillos, Generalissimos, Chairmen, etc. But, they all had one thing in common: they held way too much power over the lives and affairs of the people in their country. Period.

The reasons for denying power to any one institution or person are many, and plainly one is that word that no one should ever utter except at two lunar distances. However, in Venezuela, it was one man — Hugo Chavez — who implemented the horrific thing that the two-lunar-distances word names.

And why did Chavez commit that crime against the Venezuelan people? Because he could. Because he was allowed to obtain power. Lots of it.

Somehow, Chavez agglomerated, and collected, and amassed, and gathered so much power in his hands so that he could institute a system — the one named by the two-lunar-distances word — that has brought nothing but poverty, hardship, slavery, despair and death every time it’s ever been instituted throughout the world.

“So,” the Venezuelans thought, “We have a great idea. It’s brought nothing but death and misery everywhere it’s been tried before, so let’s try it here!” and they gave a whole bunch of power to Hugo Chavez so that he could, single-handedly, put in place the system that would lead to the immiseration of the entire country.(1)

Again: Never put a lot of power into the hands of one institution or person.


— xPraetorius


(1) On “Fox and Friends” yesterday, Ainsley Earhardt had a good quote: “No country is so rich that it can’t be destroyed by Socialism.


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