Map of Misery

The inventors of the Concentration Camp — the Soviet Communists — set up a whole lot of ’em!

Here’s map of  them:



Here’s where I found the map.

The interesting visual is that so many of them are set up in the west of the then Soviet Union. The widespread vision of the Soviet Gulag — even on my part, and I’m an expert in this topic! — is that they were mostly in the East… in Siberia, and up North, near the Arctic Circle.

I knew that most of them were in the West, but my mental picture of the Gulag just had them mostly in the East. The graphic above helps to give a more accurate picture.

As the headline suggests, millions and millions and millions of people were “processed” through those camps — the same way you or I might “process” a ham and cheese sandwich.

The Gulag was a forced labor system… Twentieth Century Soviet slavery. But, it wasn’t productive slavery. The fruits of the slaves’ labor were rarely anything worthwhile to the slave state itself. This is a little-known truth about slavery: It is not an economic benefit to the slave state.

There is an entire canal — called the White Sea Canal — that is entirely useless, because when one of the political prisoners turned slaves would die during its construction, the overseers would throw the body into the concrete they used for the walls of the canal. This compromised the quality of the concrete, and the canal is crumbling. You can still see spots in the canal where human bones protrude from the deteriorating wall.

That’s just one of millions of anecdotes of human misery from the Gulag, many of which the great Soviet-era writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn passed along in his magisterial work the Gulag Archipelago. A deeply sobering, deeply saddening, troubling read. Anyone who reads it, and remains a Socialist, is either an idiot, or deeply evil. Actually, that’s the only way anyone could call himself a Socialist today.

— xPraetorius


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