Have You Noticed? No ISIS Recruits for a LONG Time!

Remember when the Left told us ever so gravely that if we were to attack the ISIS zombies(1) energetically, that would be “ISIS’ and other extremists’ greatest recruiting tool?”

I remember. And I remember writing several posts saying that it was untrue. Here for example. And here. Or here. We said that, in fact, the precise opposite was true. That if we were to go after the zombies of ISIS, then all the potential would-be zombies would go home to their families and their sheep. We’d been saying it publicly in these pages since 2013. And we’d been saying it publicly in positions of government, and to the media, since 9/11/2001. The media ignored it completely, choosing, sheep-like as always, to parrot the Left’s moronic, counter-intuitive line.

Well, now we have some actual data to examine. For eight years under Barack Obama while ISIS was on the move, we heard story after story after story of this young person or that going off to join ISIS.

Then, a new President came along.

How many stories have you heard recently, of kids going off to join ISIS? Yeah. Me either. When was the last time you heard such a story? Yeah. I remember too. During the Obama Administration. It’s been quite a long time.

However, we have heard stories of ISIS being on the ropes, and of Mosul being re-taken by Iraqi forces, and of young women and men of ISIS saying things like, “We just want to come home.”

By the way, your heart should break for the ones saying they want to come home. These were the credulous youngsters who believed what they read in the media, understood that President Obama was going to do nothing, or next to nothing, about ISIS and figured that there would be no penalty for joining ISIS. They also figured, as did everyone in the world, that Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the United States, and that there would continue to be no repercussions for joining the ISIS baboons.

The best, most effective, possible recruiting tool for thugs and baboons like ISIS is, and always has been, the election of a Democrat to the Presidency, along with the inevitable feebleness of foreign policy that always accompanies such milksops.

So, it turns out, we have proof now: We were right. The Left was wrong. Again.

— xPraetorius


(1) Surely ISIS is the inspiration for the current zombie craze. Picture in your mind the brainless, blank-eyed, crazed creature that you see in… and ISIS training video, and you tell me where any differences are.


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