The Left’s Big Lies: The Road to Tyranny is Paved with Pretty Words

You know the old expression: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

It can mean many things, but one thing, surely, is: good intentions aren’t sufficient, by themselves, to bring about good results.

We on the right should push — hard — on another phrase: “The road to tyranny is paved with pretty words.”

That means, simply: “Don’t believe everything you hear in the realm of politics.” 

To elaborate a bit, I’d say also: Investigate, research, listen to and read opposing thinkers and, most importantly: think things through. Because when they come from the Left, the pretty words are nothing but pretty lies.

For generations, the American Democrat Party has skated by, amassing massive power, on nothing more than pretty words. They always had really pretty names for things: “New Deal,” “Great Society,” “Social Justice,” Names and words that had no relationship to their actual intent, which has always been: to obtain and retain power. 

In other words, the words were hooey. The intent was to make their voting constituency listen to the words, but then ignore the acts behind them. Then, when things don’t pan out the way the words would indicate they should, the response needs to be, simply, “Oh, we haven’t finished yet,” And, “We need more time.” And, especially, “We need more money!” Followed by: “If you don’t let us do more of the same, and if you don’t give us more time and more money, then you’re a bigot! And a hater! And a fascist! And a racist! Sexist! Homophobe! Islamophobe!” Etc.

The pretty words are: “We want to help the poor.” Then they advance and implement programs they know will (1) deeply harm the poor, and (2) make of the poor a dependent, impoverished voter base, holding their hands out for ever more freebies, joining a growing chorus shrieking, “Help the poor!” (and if you don’t, then you hate poor people, and you’re mean and cruel) and, of course, continuing to vote Democrats.

A simple thought exercise shows you how damaging things like Welfare have been for its recipients:

Imagine if your child came up to you and said, “I don’t want to work for a living. I want to live here, under your roof, for the rest of my life. And I want you to provide for me for the rest of my life.” What would your response be? Easy: “No! Go out and get some marketable skills, and get a job and grow up and take responsibility for yourself!”

You know well that if you were to say, “Yes,” to your child’s ridiculous announcement, you’d be doing him no good whatsoever. In fact, you know quite well that you’d be harming him by not encouraging him to be an independent, self-reliant adult.

Here’s what the Democrats did to the poor, and disproportionately to black Americans:

Democrats said: “We want to help you, so we’ll give you free food, subsidized housing, subsidized medical care and additional money and goodies for each child you produce. You just have to vote for us and the goodies will keep coming for the foreseeable future. 

The result was an astonishing, jaw-dropping, terrible, tragic phrase. A phrase that no country should ever see or hear. Ever. That phrase: “Welfare Generations.”

What a horrible thing to hear. A Welfare Generation is a lost generation. Entire generations of children who grow up to be young men and women with no prospect for fulfilling work, for mind- and horizons-expanding study, for meaningful, enriching accomplishments. Entire generations of children sacrificed to the American Left’s, and the Democrat Party’s, lust for power. And all voting Democrat to keep the freebies coming.

More pretty words from the Democrats: “Equal rights!” For: Black Americans, women, gays, transgender, muslims, brown people, the poor, immigrants!”And the catch-all: For the children!

Then, the Democrats set out to put in place programs — Affirmative Action, Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, Social Security… entitlement programs as far as the eye can see… programs that coddle, infantilize, condescend to, and show deep contempt for all the groups they pretend to be “helping.”

These are all things which, if you were to suggest that Democrats do them to their own children, would cause those selfsame Democrats to recoil in horror! “What!?!?” they’d shriek, “No way! We’re not going to do that to our children! They need to grow up! To be independent! Self-reliant! To fend for themselves!”

But, it’s okay to do those awful things to tens of millions of other Americans… because, you see, then it’s compassion, and it’s fairness, and “Social Justice!” And if you don’t agree, if you see the harm it does to real people, and you bring that up, then you’re a bigot, and racist, and fascist, and a Nazi… and all the rest.

Parenthetically: This, by the way, has always been the modus operandi of the international Left. Beginning all the way back in the middle of the 19th Century, people like Marx, Engels, and the rest began dressing up serfdom, slavery, terrorism and feudalism in a vast tsunami of pretty words, filling thick tomes with hundreds of thousands of lovely, delightful, charming, flattering, earnestly pleasant terms… and calling the whole mess, “Socialism.”

It was all a way to concentrate vast power over the many, in the hands of the few, and make that old, failed structure look new! And Progressive! and Avant-garde!

It’s been a monumental failure — if, that is, you look at its results — bloodthirsty, deadly, mass-murdering tyrannies — compared with the promise: paradise on Earth.

Socialism’s been a massive success, though, if you look at the actual intent behind it: to concentrate vast power in the hands of the international Left.

We on the Right have pretty words to deploy also. They’re things like “freedom,” “liberty,” “free markets,” “independence,” “self-reliance,” “self-control.” In none of those words are: free things, or gifts, or security, or do just about whatever you want without consequence, or other things like that. Our words also contain ideas like “hard work,” and “responsibility,” and “opportunity,” all of which have the additional notion of: risk.

Risk is scary.

That word right there — scary — is the word that explains any political success the Left has ever had. The Left promises “security,” and “safety,” and the very abolition of “scary.”

They never deliver it though. In fact, the Left never delivers anything but the complete opposite of scary. There’s never been a greater single cause of violent death in the history of humankind than: Socialism and all its hollow, pretty words.

Marxists liked to say that “religion is the opiate of the people.” Leftism — Socialism — actually is like a narcotic. It promises all good feelings, prosperity and plenty for all, and happiness… but it invariably causes nothing but misery, poverty — of body, mind and spirit — despair, and… death on an unimaginable scale.

The road to tyranny is paved with pretty words. The American Left, and its political wing, the Democrat Party, are the purveyors of those pretty words… words whose meaning is precisely the opposite of the actual intent behind them.

— xPraetorius

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