Remind Me: Why Do We Need the Democrats Again?

  • her We won the Cold War despite the earnest efforts of the American Left, and its political wing, the Democrat Party, to treat the mass-murdering Soviet régime as legitimate. Don’t forget: many top-ranking Democrat Party officials were actually Soviet agents, including the Vice-President of the United States, Harry Hopkins. But there were so many more, including people like Alger Hiss
  • We defeated the Nazis who, when Hitler was Stalin’s best bud, were the Left’s — and the Democrat’s — darlings. Democrats stopped loving the Nazis only when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. Historians have made the argument that the American Left’s temporary love affair with Hitler contributed to his ability to launch his war effort. It certainly represented one less worry on Hitler’s plate, as he developed his plans for the conquest of Europe.
  • We came out of the Depression despite the Democrats’ best efforts to prolong it. Economists now say that if only President Franklin D. Roosevelt had kept the U.S. government out of it, the Depression would not have lasted nearly as long as it did. In fact when Roosevelt came to office in March of 1933, the Depression was ending. Roosevelt’s aggressive intervention stopped the recovery in its tracks, and prolonged the misery until World War II came along and radically transformed the U.S. economy.
  • We were forced to accept a tie in the Korean War, because Democrats — like President Harry S Truman — refused to win the war. We, and millions of miserable slaves in North Korea, have Truman to thank for the dictatorship of the Kims in North Korea, and for the challenge of Communist China today.
  • Oh, by the way, we also have Harry Truman to “thank” for the fact that China is Communist, and an enemy of ours. Truman refused to assist Chiang Kai Shek, who was fighting against Mao tse Tung for power in China. Mao won, and proceeded to become the world’s bloodiest mass murderer.
  • We lost the Vietnam War because the Democrats forced our retreat, and the eventual South Vietnamese surrender to the bloodthirsty North Vietnamese and their ghoulish allies the Viet Cong. The result: Millions more died after our departure from Southeast Asia. Furthermore, while we were in there, the Democrats did their level best to tie the hands of the military conducting the war effort. Thousands of American young men died because Democrats — like President Lyndon B. Johnson — refused to conduct the war like… well, like a war. Their blood, and the blood of millions of innocent Southeast Asian men, women and children, is on Johnson’s hands, as well as on the hands of people like John Kerry, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and others who protested against American involvement in Vietnam.
  • If we finally defeat ISIS, it will be despite the best efforts of the Democrats to convince us that a muscular approach against these mindless baboons would be the “best recruiting tool they have.” When a less pansified President took over in 2017, ISIS began to circle the drain, and we suddenly stopped hearing story after story of moron westerners heading over to join them.
  • If we defeat poverty, it’ll be despite the best efforts of the Democrats to pay ever more people to be poor, so they’ll continue to vote Democrat, so the Democrats will continue to pay them to be poor. That’s the real cycle of poverty.
  • If we defeat drugs, it’ll be no thanks to Democrats, who have done their level best to do things like give heroin addicts free needles, and heavily subsidized — by you and me — artificial heroin (aka methadone), to get pot legalized and taxed, to make and keep American cities hellholes, where drugs seem like the only escape.
  • If we defeat hunger, it’ll be despite the Democrats’ best efforts to keep as many people poor and in daily food insecurity as possible, and, of course, voting Democrat. I coined the phrase: The Democrats love poor people so much they keep on making more of ’em.
  • If we resolve race relations, it’ll be despite the Democrats’ best efforts to (1) destroy the black family, (2) whip up black resentment against white people, demonstrably the least racist identifiable group of people on the planet.
  • If we resolve relations between the sexes, it’ll be despite the Democrats’ best efforts to pit women against men and to annihilate one of the single most beneficial institutions ever to exist, an institution that has benefited men, women and children more than any other human invention in history: the two-parent family.
  • If we resolve the problems we have in the area of health care, it will be despite the Democrats’ best efforts to destroy what was once the greatest health care system the world has ever seen.
  • We’ve killed tens of millions of babies without first demanding compelling proof that they’re not human beings in full, thanks to the efforts of Democrats to launch us on that trajectory without ever examining such mass death seriously.
  • We now take perfectly seriously nutty claims by men that they’re women, and vice-versa — with no scientific evidence whatsoever to back up the claim. Rather than give them the help they need, we encourage them to mutilate their bodies, and take drugs that distort and injure them. Furthermore, if someone among us has the effrontery to point all this out, he is hounded out of “polite” society as a bigot and a retrograde imbecile. This is, of course, all thanks to the Democrats.
  • Thanks to the Democrats, we now treat as perfectly normal — no as laudable and courageous! —  a tiny segment of society’s bizarre claim that a man can marry another man, or that a woman can marry another woman. Simply so that they’ll vote Democrat.
  • Thanks to the Democrats, we’ve given up providing the help to gay men and women that they need and, instead, have called their neurosis “normal,” simply so they’ll vote Democrat.
  • The American Democrat Party has either jeopardized, sacrificed, damaged or destroyed the health, prosperity, happiness, safety, longevity, and the lives of tens of millions of Americans, and done the same to hundreds of millions of others in other countries, all in their efforts to obtain and retain power here in America.
  • And, here’s one last indisputable truth: Bloodthirsty dictators, thugs, goons, murderers and psychotics go to bed each night desperately grateful that America has… Democrats.

So, tell me again, please, why do we need Democrats?

— xPraetorius


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