We Explain WHY the Left Are So Racist


  • The Left are racists because they can be.
  • The gullible and not-too-bright media believe the Left’s protestations to the contrary, and don’t scrutinize their claims.
  • Furthermore, the media echo the Left’s accusations of racism against the Right uncritically.
  • The Right, by contrast, like anyone accused of something offensive, do all they can to avoid even the slightest appearance of  guilt.
  • As a result, the Left have internalized their own racism, and even believe it’s a good thing. 
  • Also, as a result, the Right have internalized actual anti-racism — not the fake anti-racism of the black Left and the rest of the Left — and are genuinely anti-racist.

In these pages, we’ve documented extensively the fact that racism is a problem of the American Left, not of the American Right. We proved also that white racism directed against black Americans is no longer a problem of any magnitude in America. We proved it thoroughly, but we didn’t need really to do anything more than say the following undisputed truth:

  • There are millions upon millions upon millions of non-white people the world over who would sacrifice everything they have in the world to be able to come and live in America.

America’s not racist — at least as it pertains to non-white people — but we do, still, have a racism problem in America, and it’s on the Left. The big question is: why? The Left is, after all, the political tendency that runs around railing the most vociferously against, you guessed it: racism! Why, then, are they so confoundedly racist?!?

Answer: Easy — because they can be. They howl and whine and yowl about how bad, and evil, and horrid racism is, and the press report on that. Because the press are none too bright, they then assume that the Left couldn’t possibly be racist! After all, can’t you see how against racism they are?


Just as the Soviets loved to tell the world relentlessly how they were all about “peace,” as they set up this peace committee and that peace organization and this peace group and that peace council… all while doing their level best to increase their empire as much as possible.

Sure, the Soviets  were interested in peace… just so long as everyone else was interested in surrendering to them before there was a war. In the meantime, though, the Soviets needed to set up all the peace thisses and thats, to keep the charade going.

Look, if you want to deflect from your real intentions, the oldest trick in the book is to condemn your real intentions… at the top of your lungs. Then when you reveal your true colors, everyone is all surprised.

So, too, with the Democrats, the Left, and racism. Furthermore, they know that the ovine media will simply repeat what they say as if it’s news, while the people who don’t have the time or inclination to study it all in greater depth will simply register the steaming codswallop as… “news.”  

And, just as the Soviets were all about peace — under their conditions — so too the Democrats are all about anti-racism. Under their conditions. As long as black Americans vote overwhelmingly Democrat, that is. As soon as black Americans give the slightest indication that they’re inclined to think for themselves, then the Democrats will forget they ever knew them. They’ll throw black folks under the bus faster than you can possibly imagine.

And that’s why the Left is so racist. Because, at this point, they can be.(1) Without any fear of penalty, without any worry that they’ll ever be called on it.

So, then, we also need to answer the other question that all this implies: why aren’t the Right racist?

By way of framing the answer, let me pose a Quick Question: if you’re aware that the police are watching you because they think you’re going to rob a bank, what’s the very last thing you’re going to do? Yep. Rob a bank.

For three generations, the Left — and the media — have been calling anyone of the Right a, you guessed it… racist. As well as a fascist, a Nazi, a sexist, a homophobe, an islamophobe, a this or a that, as they figured they’d identified a name they needed to call us to intimidate us into defensive silence.

But, most of all, most especially, they’ve been calling us… yep: racists.

Day in and day out, week after month, after year, after decade, after generation… If you’re on the Right, you’re a… racist! They’ve snarled it, purred it, smiled as they said it, said it smugly, self-righteously, pompously… constantly. They’ve said it so much, and the sheep-like media have repeated it so consistently, that there are people out there who think that the completely subjective accusation of racism, when directed at the Right, is objective truth.


If someone were to accuse you of something offensive — over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, constantly, ceaselessly, relentlessly, unendingly — don’t you think you might take a moment or two to consider whether or not you’re actually guilty of the accusation?

Yep. So would I. And I did. And I still do. As do you… if, that is, you’re on the Right. Same’s true with all the other accusations we hear too.

— xPraetorius


(1) Interestingly, the most racist leftists in America are… black leftists. In particular, those black leftists who claim to be “anti-racism.” These people are like the Soviets, and their interest in peace. They’re anti-other people’s racism, but they’re just fine with their own.

I know this from very long experience. For years, I’ve visited their blogs and web sites, asking them questions, challenging their premises, arguing, debating. As soon as I started challenging, out came the accusation. Only, before they accused me of being a racist, they accused me of being… white. And, since I was white, they instantly made the next accusation: racist. Every time. The only group I’ve ever encountered that automatically ascribed a whole raft of characteristics to me solely because of the color of my skin were black people. More particularly: black leftists. The black Left are the most racist people in the United States. We demonstrated, and proved it thoroughly. More to the point, the least racist identifiable group in America is: white Conservatives.

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