Bi-Partisan Healthcare Solution? No, No, No, a THOUSAND Times No!

Should we allow the Democrats to help “fix” the health care problem? I think you can tell from the headline that I’m against the idea.

Here’s why.

Do a little thought exercise with me:

You stand in front of your house, and you see that it’s looking kind of bedraggled. You furrow your brow and say to yourself, “Hmmmm… what should I do about this problem?

A man walking by, hears you musing to yourself and says to you, “Hi! I’m a Democrat, and I can fix your problem!

Immediately your neighbors, Bill Press and Tom “Lefty” Media jump in and say, “You should let Democrat help! He knows how to fix everything!

Democrat sprays gasoline all over your house, lights a match, and you watch as your house burns to the ground. To rub it in just a bit, Democrat watches as you survey your ruined life, and taps you on your shoulder. “Pretty great, huh? So much better than that sad thing you had before!

Then, as you ponder your new problem, you say to yourself, “Wow!  This is a lot worse than what I had before, I wonder what I should do about this problem!

Immediately, the Democrat starts yelling, “I can help! You need me to help. It’s not fair if I don’t help!

Bill and Lefty join in saying the same thing, and just as loud as they were before Democrat burned your house down.

You sigh and ask Democrat, “Okay, okay, what do you think we should do to fix this problem?

Democrat responds smugly, “We need even more of what I did the first time! A lot more!

What do you think? Should you allow Democrat, who caused all the problems in the first place, to have any input whatsoever to the process of trying to… “fix the problem?

Let’s pose the question a tad more succinctly: Would you allow the arsonist to help fix the house he just burned down?

Even more to the point, “Would you allow the arsonist, the one who just burned your house down, anywhere near your house?!?”

Don’t let the Democrats anywhere near anything even resembling healthcare.

— xPraetorius


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