We Coin a Phrase: the ZOMBIE CITIZEN (Part II)

Just a quick observation: Do you see any difference whatsoever between zombies of the type that you see in all their pop culture incarnations and… ISIS? I don’t.

Imagine trying to negotiate with people who burn other people alive. People who crucify women and… children. People who cut off children’s heads and put them on pikes around a city. People who bury men, women and children… alive.

Anyone who could do any of those things is no longer a living, breathing… person.

Seriously: I think that the many people who make zombie pop culture stuff were simply making documentaries about ISIS and other flavors of islam.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “We Coin a Phrase: the ZOMBIE CITIZEN (Part II)

  1. I am always amazed and disgusted at how most Americans pay to see scary bloody movies and read frightening fiction — but can’t bring themselves to face the daily news head-on.

    Zombies indeed.

    1. Thanks for the endorsement!

      I’m with you. I’ve seen moments of the zombie gore-fests, and I just can’t watch them anymore. Real life is tough enough… I don’t want to “escape” to a depiction of something worse!

      Oddly enough, I’ve gone a different route. If I decide to turn the tele on, often as not I’ll go to the saccharine Hallmark Channel. It’s a guilty pleasure to see people being decent to other people. 🙂


      — x

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