You Read It Here First – Part III

Here’s why the hackers “hacked the DNC servers.” By the way, there’s no proof — that I’ve ever seen — that the Russians did it. In fact, all so-called “proof” ever offered points away from the Russians.

Look, I’m a long-time expert on the Soviet Union, on Russia and on the Internet. I know these things. Any junior hacker of any talent whatsoever knows how to cover his tracks… easily, and more to the point: he knows how to point his tracks at someone else. The Russians, for example.

So, why did the hackers hack  into the DNC servers, and John Podesta’s e-mails? That’s easy: Hillary Clinton was going to be the President of the United States! Donald Trump was going to be the big, ridiculous, blowhard buffoon, who was going to get so shellacked by the juggernaut that was Hillary Clinton, that he was also going to take the entire Republican Party down the drain with him! I mean everyone told us all that, remember? It wasn’t even going to be close.

No one, but no one on earth… was interested in Trump’s servers, or  Trump’s e-mails!

But, all the world was interested in the servers and the e-mails of the future President of the United States, and the successor to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Great and Powerful.

And, even if the Russians got into Hillary’s servers, no one should be surprised. The servers were in a bathroom in some two-bit private internet services company somewhere in Denver. A company whose personnel, apparently, had never heard the term: “cyber-security.”

Between you and me, everyone got into Hillary’s servers! The Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Cubans, Vietnamese, the Andorrans, the Congolese, the British, the Luxembourgeois and the Fitzpatrick kid at 241 Elm street in East Ashford, Kentucky.

In fact, when the 12-year old nephew of Phil, of Fast Phil’s Coin Exchange and Donut Emporium offered his treasure trove of DNC intellectual property around… everyone already had it.

Why was there no news of hackers having hacked into Trump’s servers? No one even tried to! And, of course, why would they have? On the Monday before Election Day, Trump was nothing more than a soon-to-be retired blowhard real estate billionaire, while Hillary was The. Next. President. Of. The. United. States. Of. America. Heck, Hillary Clinton was the next President of the United States when I went to bed at 1:00am (East coast time) early Wednesday morning the day after Election Day.

The hackers hacked into the Democrat Party servers because everyone wanted to have information on the next President of the United States! Duh! No one wanted the goods on some failed presidential candidate, as Trump was going to be.

Plus, let’s not forget, all that DNC information, all those DNC e-mails were right out there in the open for the taking.  Podesta’s password on his e-mails? It was: “password.” Who’d ever guess that?!? Oh, yeah: everyone in the world. It’s the second password they’d all try… after “1234.” Remember: this all happened to the “progressive party of science.” Yeah. They were idiots. They still are. Few things are worse than an idiot who has no clue that he’s an idiot. (<– talk about a neat little summation of the entire leadership of the Democrat Party!)

Then Trump won. Oops. Guess we, errr, ummm, uhhh, I mean, they should have hacked into Trump’s servers all along!

Okay, so why then release all that hacked information, if as we proved in this essay here, Putin wanted Hillary to win?

Well, first of all, Putin and “the Russians,” didn’t release the hacked information, WikiLeaks did. There’s still no concrete indication that the Russians were involved at all with any of this!

Next: Wikileaks simply released the information to scoop everyone else who’d obtained the info… including Phil’s 12-year old nephew.

Now, between you and me, yes, the Russians did try to hack into the American election apparatus… so did every other government in the world. I know this because I’m an expert on Russia, and on their efforts to spy on America. The point, though, is: everyone knows this. None of this is esoteric, hard-to-understand news to anyone.

Furthermore, the Russians have tried to hack into the American election apparatus in every American election since it was possible to hack. So have the Chinese, and the North Koreans, and — you get the picture. Period. The current obsession with Russia is a bunch of hogwash. It’s designed to get you and me to look the other way. Away from Hillary’s ineptitude, her stupidity, corruption, vacuousness, her arrogance and preening, self-righteous empty-headedness.

Finally, if you’d been  told back in June of 2016 (to pick a random date) to hack into the campaign of the next President of the United States, where would you have directed your efforts?

‘Nuff said? Should be.

— xPraetorius




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