You Read It Here First – Part I

Here’s what’s going on: It’s been months and months of frenzied investigations and hyperbolic pronouncements by the Democrats. And nothing. The hardest core thing that anyone seems to have is: a 20-minute meeting between Don, Jr. with a lawyer who told him nothing, and used a bait-and-switch to try to get Don, Jr. to talk to his dad about the Magnitsky Act.

That’s it, and I know why we’re hearing nothing but shrieking and gnashing of teeth about a whole bunch of… nothing.

Ready? Well, it’s really simple. While there’s no evidence whatsoever that President Trump’s campaign ever “colluded with the Russians” in order to sway the election, it’s known for certain that Hillary Clinton’s campaign worked hand-in-glove with a foreign power — Ukraine — to undermine the Trump campaign.

Not only is there “evidence,” of it but it’s pretty well-known that her campaign did it. It’s right out there in the open. If the Trump campaign is suspected of “collusion,” it’s known that the Clinton campaign colluded with Ukrainian nationals to sink the Trump campaign.

So, what do Democrats do? Simple: even before the election is over, start shrieking, screaming, howling, veins popping and eyes bulging: “Trump campaign collusion!!!”

You and I both know that the Democrats’ lapdog, the media, will simply repeat whatever the Democrats’ latest whine is. And sure enough, they have been.

No, you read it here first: There was actual Clinton campaign collusion with a foreign power; there’s no evidence of Trump campaign collusion. How do you deflect from that uncomfortable reality? Point in the other direction and scream your little pinhead off.

— xPraetorius


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