Time to Stop Letting The Left Off The Hook

Bottom Line: It’s time we called The Left on the backwardness of their thinking. It’s time we stopped letting them off the hook and started calling their ideas what they are: primitive, backward, reactionary codswallop.

The Left call themselves: “Progressives.” That should make anyone with a lick of sense laugh out loud. Even worse though, we on the Right have been calling the Left “Progressives!” Why in the world do we do that?!? The Left are the biggest bunch of retrograde, slope-headed, neanderthal, vacant-eyed, primitive, spittle-dribbling, uncivilized, knuckle-dragging, reactionaries in the world today!

Their “ideas” are the same old long-discredited flapdoodle that’s plagued the people of this planet… for millennia, but now with different, prettier names.

Their Big Idea: Centralized Power… put power in the hands of the government so that it can solve all your problems. It’s an idea that’s been around for as long as there have been people.

In the caves someone once said, “Hey, we need to choose a leader!” Then, the various clans and their leaders fought over all the hunting and gathering land until they’d consolidated a bunch of clans and land under, you guessed it, one BIG ol’ leader.  And that, roughly, is how it’s been… for freakin’ millennia. And that, obviously, is how The Left want to keep it. And they call that: “Progress.” If the repercussions weren’t so deadly, it’d be roll-on-the-floor funny.

In fact, before America, that’s all we’ve ever had in human history! Oh, we’ve called it all manner of different things: Monarchy, Kingdom, Feudalism, Tyranny, Despotism, Serfdom, Empire, Oligarchy, Slavery, Autocracy, and recently, Communism, Socialism, Fascism. All nothing more than different names for the very same tired, old, failed, horrid thing. And it all meant nothing more complicated than: vast power in the hands of very few over the lives of very many. Needless to say, no one, except the guy on the top, liked it very much. It was almost always oppressive, heavy-handed, arbitrary, cruel, merciless and… awful. It was never: progress. And it never will be.

So, we on The Right need to stop calling them “Progressives.” They’re not in the least about progress. They’re: Reactionaries. Throwbacks. Old School. Neanderthals. Regressives. Retrogressives. Backward. Socially, politically, intellectually, scientifically…Retarded. It’s time to call them that. It’s the truth, after all. What could we on The Right possibly have against telling the truth?

Anything resembling a big-government answer to what either is, or seems to be, a problem is not… progress. And of all the billions and billions and billions and billions of times it’s been tried, it’s almost never worked!

Oh, throughout history we’ve had inklings of better, more actually progressive, ways, but nothing remotely like the overt transfer of power from the very few, to the very many, as happened in America. This was the truly revolutionary idea that the founders of our country had. An idea that had been heard of before, but never implemented on a general scale… until, that is, the United States of America.

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, IRS, EPA, Dept. of Ed., Depts. of Commerce, Treasury, Homeland Security, etc., Taxation way, way, way beyond what we rebelled against in 1776… we appear to be doing our level best, as a people, just to give that power right back to those who can use it to oppress us. Back to The Left who want to put in place all the things that we mentioned above, but one thing in particular to encompass them all: Socialism.

Under Socialism, you won’t own your own home, your own land. Socialism is all about dispossessing the people, and turning the fruits of their labors over to… The Government. And that’s supposed to represent “progress.”

Private Property is personal power. Remember from your history classes when you learned of those who depended for their livelihood on the benevolence of the top dog who owned the land you worked, and who, if he was a nice guy, let you keep a teentsy-weentsy bit of what your efforts produced? Back then, they were called “serfs,” and the top guy was “the lord.” There’s no difference between that ancient, oppressive, slavery-like system and Socialism. The Left call Socialism “progress.”

It’s time we called them on it. It’s time we stopped letting them off the hook and started called their thinking what it truly is: primitive, backward, reactionary codswallop.

— xPraetorius


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