I Feel Trump’s Pain

Actually, I feel the pain of every Conservative, or those called “Conservative,” who’ve ever duked it out with the Left on the Battlefield of Ideas.

There’s a problem, though. It’s impossible to hurt my feelings, so I tend to put up with a lot of abusive balderdash directed at me, that others might not tolerate. It’s a bad habit of mine that drives leftist debate opponents mad, because I never rise to their constant feeble attempts to bait me. It’s a bad habit because sometimes I neglect to call them on the abusive twaddle they dish out, and I should.

My lack of tender feelings comes partly from having spent real time in the lairs of The Left.

For example, I’ve spent a lot of time in the fever swamps of the Race Grievance Industry. It struck me early: the people there had no response whatsoever — beyond: “You’re wrong!” — to what I had to say, and spent nearly all their time trying desperately to impugn who I am.

I tried over and over and over and over and over again to suggest that my interlocutors actually take a stab at addressing my ideas and my thinking. And they did sometimes. They’d make this desultory attempt to refute what I said, or that half-hearted foray into some kind of opposing argumentation, but then they’d retreat, tails between legs, back into their comfort zone: insulting me, questioning my intelligence, education, honesty or sanity and, of course, their favorite, calling me a racist.

Let’s face it, the last refuge of a scoundrel — today — is to call someone a racist. The last refuge of an uninformed, moronic, empty-headed moron, or a leftist, also. But I repeat myself.

And, that’s briefly about me.

Needless to say, I’m observing that the Left are doing exactly the same thing to Donald Trump. It’s just as they’ve done to Republicans and Conservatives for decades

Note how little time leftists spend on putting forth actually substantive ideas in opposition to either (1) Trump, or (2) Republicans and Conservatives. And, yes, I note the two groups separately until President Trump gives  compelling evidence that he’s not a mere squishy moderate borrowing the Republican label to become President.

Note how much time and effort the Left are spending on tearing down Donald Trump himself.

Look, as anyone who reads these pages knows, we have no vast reservoir of sympathy for Donald Trump. However, the truth is the truth is the truth… and the truth is that the tsunami of crap being directed at Trump is just that… crap.

It’s nothing more than the Dems, who just came out of a devastating election cycle, beaten and bedraggled, coming to the realization that their thinking and their “ideas” are in real jeopardy in America.

So, what do they do… change their thinking? Heck no! You see, they weren’t wrong, and their loopy, neanderthal thinking wasn’t wrong… no, you and I were wrong… wrong to vote for someone else.

No, the Left can’t change their ideas or thinking, because they’re too darned stoooopid even to recognize how stoooopid their thinking is! So, what they do do is to scrabble around for any other weapons that might be at their disposal. To start a rearguard or delaying action until they can think of some other way, any way, to dupe the people into supporting them again.

Well, the Left are not without weapons, by any means. Don’t forget: they own the media, the universities, the primary and secondary schools, pop culture and Hollywood.  And, as they’ve shown numerous times, they own some very large number of thoroughly corrupt judges throughout America.

The only difference between now and just a few very short years ago is that now we on the the Right have some ways to push back too. The Left don’t like that at all. And they know that they own all those important narrative-shaping institutions mentioned above.

So they use ’em.

The Left used to fight dirty. They brought down numerous powerful Republicans, because they owned the media. They were willing to harm Americans and America if that meant they could have power, or they could remove an obstacle to their power.

They took down Richard Nixon, for example. Now, you and I might agree that it was okay to take down Richard Nixon because he turned out to be corrupt. Well, guess what, Nixon was spotless until, thinking they were acting on his behalf, a bunch of morons committed a third-rate burglary at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Nixon then did his best to protect them, and did what appears to have been a cover-up. That’s pretty much the entire story of Watergate.

Well, guess what else: Lyndon Johnson, who never won an election he didn’t buy, made Richard Nixon look like a campfire girl. So did the priapic and breathtakingly corrupt John F. Kennedy. So did the suave, sophisticated-seeming, and completely corrupt Barack Obama. And don’t get anyone in the know started on Hillary Clinton. The list of corrupt high Democrat Party officials is long. Very long.

Yes, the Left used to fight dirty… but now that we on the Right have ways to push back, the Left make dirty fighting look like a tennis match between well-dressed gentlemen 100 years ago. And the crap tsunami directed at Trump is just more of this new ultra-dirty fighting that the Left have embraced to such violent effect all over America. It’s what they’ve been doing rhetorically for a long time now to all Conservatives, as well as to me and to my colleagues here in our small but increasingly influential think tank. It’s because they don’t have anything substantive to say or do… but they still want power. It’s all the Left ever want.

— xPraetorius




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