On The Right — Let’s AT LEAST Stop Pretending

June 17, 2017

Every time there’s yet another example of left-wing political violence, we on the Right issue all the standard disclaimers. Things like, “We recognize that there is violence from both sides of the political divide, but…”

No, no there is not political violence from the Right. Not appreciably anyway. Whenever there’s a Kathy Griffin-style grotesquerie, everyone — including on the right — says, “Oh, yeah? What about Ted Nugent?!?” During the Great Obama Fatuity, Ted Nugent said some intemperate words about hunting and Barack Obama, for which he was duly excoriated.

Then some other left-wing political violence comes along — say: Shakespeare in the Park and their mock assassination of Trump — and everyone — including us on the Right! — says, “Oh, yeah? Well, what about Ted Nugent?!?”

Then yet another left-wing political violence episode comes along and everyone, including on the Right, says, “Oh, yeah? What about Ted Nugent?!?”

Then, still another left-wingnut atrocity comes along and…

And over and over and over and drearily, grotesquely, pathetically over again. For every right-winger to tip-toe over the line of political civility, there are hundreds, thousands, on the Left who barrel over the same line hundreds, thousands, of times… and frequently involving the gruesome death of someone with whom they disagree. If we on the Right have the temerity to get ticked off about it, those on the Left sanctimoniously intone, “Oh, yeah? What about Ted Nugent?!? You guys do it on the Right too!”

And then we agree with the bastards.

No, we guys on the Right don’t do political violence too! Not in any appreciable numbers.

No one’s even slightly afraid of a group of Tea Partiers, or Conservatives, or Pro-Lifers, or Southern Baptists, or Evangelical Christians, or any other group that could even remotely be called “right-wing.” Not a single person in the world gets even remotely worried for their safety if the local Republicans are approaching you in the street. Or the Rotary Club, or the Knights of Columbus, or even Pro-Trumpers! Heck, no one’s even a teentsy-weentsy bit anxious if they see the local chapter of the NRA approaching on the street! In fact, they feel safer!

And, that’s the problem. Oh, the problem’s not that we on the Right don’t engage in political violence; the problem’s that the Left commit lots of political violence, then (1) blame it on the Right, and (2) claim that we on the Right do just as much of it, and then, the worst problem of all, (3) we on the Right unthinkingly join in pretending that there’s just as much political violence coming from the right as comes from the Left.

There’s not. It’s not even close. And, if you were to include hateful rhetoric in the realm of “political violence,” then there’s just a constant flood of that sludge coming from the Left 24/7/365. All while only a few hardy souls on the Right (like us here at this small but increasingly influential think tank) are willing to go toe-to-toe with them rhetorically.obama

Yet, with all that being obviously true, we can still hear a report (yesterday, 6-16-17) from National Public Radio, in which some half-witted clodpole of a moron reporter or analyst can say — with total seriousness! — that before the Congressional baseball shooting, political violence came overwhelmingly from … the Right! Yep. That’s what they said.

I tried several times to put together a paragraph explaining what their “thinking” was to arrive at this conclusion, but it was so muddled and convoluted that I had to give up. Suffice it to say that they lumped in Timothy McVeigh (mostly apolitical psycho), Jared Lee Loughner (apolotical psycho), Dylann Roof (apolitical racist psycho) and called them all right-wingers.  In other words, if there was even an imaginary (Roof) or obviously fabricated (Loughner) link to something right-wing they called it right-wing violence.

The only incidents of vaguely right-wing political violence that could even remotely be considered to have occurred in the last 30 years are by McVeigh and the odd abortion clinic shooter.

Political violence comes overwhelmingly from the Left. Here’s why:

Left-wing Groups Left-wing Groups’ Propensity for Political Violence (High-Medium-Low-None) Right-wing Groups Right-wing Groups’ Propensity for Political Violence (High-Medium-Low-None)
Black Lives Matter M Republican Party Rank and File None
“Occupy” Movement Remnants M Tea Partiers None
Democrat Party Rank and File L (The Congressional Baseball game shooter is in this group) Republican Party Leadership None
Islamist Terrorists and their supporters H Pro-Lifers  None
Campus Leftists H  Pro-Small Government Types  None
“AntiFa” H
Democrat Party Leadership None

Needless to say, I could go on, but you get the point. There are a lot of left-wing groups with a medium or high propensity for political violence, while there simply are no such right-wing groups. While there might be the occasional “lone wolf” who could — with tortured enough reasoning — be called a right-winger (McVeigh) there are no organized groups on the right with any propensity to violence whatsoever.

No, violent groups are only a problem on the Left. And they’ve been a problem for a very long time. You can list them going back a long time: SDS, SNCC, Black Panthers, the Black Muslims, Nation of Islam, etc.

On the Right, we need to stop pretending. No one whatsoever fears for his safety from anyone coming from the political Right wing. But, you will think twice about wandering into a Black Lives Matter rally, or some “Occupy” event. And, whatever you do, look over your shoulder if there are muslims around…or leftist college students.

— xPraetorius


4 thoughts on “On The Right — Let’s AT LEAST Stop Pretending

  1. Hey P —

    There is SO much articulate truth in this (and all your posts).
    No wonder the globalist technocrat algorithms deflect people away from such God-given and astute observations. ☺

    1. You’re way too kind, Desdi! Not that I mind it, though. And I do humbly thank you.

      Also, you may or may not have been kidding about “the globalist technocrat algorithms,” but we happen to know that what you say is, indeed, true.

      Some of us have friends with insider’s knowledge of the search algorithms at the major search engines. We’re definitely filtered out of many SERP’s… or at least out of the top two pages of the SERP’s.

      For the moment at least, that’s how we want it. We have a very effective way of getting the word out, and page views are not our top priority.

      Just to give you an idea though, we took the model of samizdat in the Soviet era, and ran with it.

      Again, thank you for your very kind words, Desdi! Your page is one of my favorite landing spots on those rare occasions where I find a moment to myself, and I thank you for that too!


      — x

      1. I was not kidding about the search filters/algorithms. You are confirming what I have heard from other people with insight into the hidden workings…

        1. Yep. I know. It actually suits our purposes for the time being. Remember: we’re kind of dependent on remaining anonymous, since some of our number are still in high positions in government.

          This blog, with its jealously guarded anonymity, represents a way for these people to blow off a little steam, and not suffer employment consequences.

          If we were to become too famous too fast, as has almost happened in the past, we’d have to shut down and start a new one elsewhere. Weird, eh? Here in the land of the First Amendment?

          Right now, we like our readership precisely where it is. 🙂


          — x

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