It Struck Me

All the big grievances that the Left fabricate, pretending that America is awash in them, are present most predominantly in the groups the Left pretend to support! These tendencies and evils exist vastly more commonly and pervasively in the groups against which they’re supposedly being committed!

Some examples? Sure, why not?

Racism? Yeah, it’s a problem, and a big one. But among black Americans, who are the most racist group in America today. But, white racism… simply is not a big problem in America today, and there’s no one in America arguing rationally that it is.

Sexism? Sure: women — really feminist women — are by far the most sexist group in America today. They’re by far the ones most likely to exhibit the characteristics, or commit the practices they condemn so vociferously. Ask yourself — could you say something jokingly disparaging about women in your workplace? Of course not! It’s a firing offense. Now, can you say something jokingly disparaging about men? Of course. I hear such things all the time. And discrimination of any kind by men against women is simply not a big problem in America today. Again, there’s no one in America arguing rationally that it is. One last piece to this puzzle: discrimination against men is actively practiced by the vast majority of corporate America, which is desperate to fend off expensive lawsuits by whining snowflake feminists.

Rape Culture? Yes, there is such a thing. It’s not as the Left describes it at all. It’s not on college campuses, which are some of the safest places in the world. But it is very much among… American muslims. The group whose tender feelings the Left are most concerned with protecting in America today. The same nonsensical situation prevails in Western Europe as well. Google: “Rotherham” sometime, and read of the horrors going on as you read this in England. Child rape. Rape. Murders called “honor killings.” Child marriage. All going on in Rotherham… England. Freakin’ England!!! And all being protected by the British Left. All coming soon to a town near you. Oh, yeah… I forgot; it’s already here… in Minnesota, and its heavily muslim population.

Abuse of women in general? Sure: prevalent among American muslims again. Otherwise, though, it’s just not a big problem in America in general. Except where we have Democrat-voting, Left-supporting… muslims.

• How about “homophobia?” Well, it might be a little bit less obvious, but AIDS is the fault of the American Left, whose demand that we pretend that homosexuality is normal allows, and in fact encourages, gays to engage in a “lifestyle” that kills them in droves. It’s hard, frankly, to imagine more hostile behavior toward a group than encouraging them to kill themselves. Oh, but they need to be sure to vote Democrat while they’re doing it. That makes the homosexual deathstyle just okey-dokey with the Left.

• Then there’s: islamophobia.” The current craze among the American Left. That one’s easy: no one anywhere hates muslims like… other muslims. Shi’ite hates Sunni and vice versa. They all hate the Yazidis. ISIS hates Al Qaeda. Al CamelJumper hates Shish Kabob, and so forth. If you were to remove their common hatred target — the USA — from the equation, they’d all be at each other’s throats constantly and viciously. Around the world, by far the greatest existential threat to any muslim is… some other muslim. The Left love these brainless, frothing bastards, but only so long as they vote Democrat in America. This is like “homophobia,” above. The Left profess to love their dear little muslims, but they also want to be sure that the muslims’ psychotic ideology in the guise of a religion is protected, so that they end up getting murdered by the thousands by other muslims. Again, it’s difficult to imagine a more hateful state of mind toward muslims than that which comes from the Left.

This wacky “islamophobia” thing is a strange one, but not so strange when you consider that the American Left have two over-riding principles: (1) to obtain power, and then (2) to keep it. They don’t care about anything else. That makes the following strange truth easier to understand:

The Democrat Party — the political wing of the American Left — is just fine with muslims who either do all the things below, or support a system of laws and cultural practices that permits muslims to do all the things below:
• Rape women.
• Marry children, and then have sex with them.
• Marry lots of women.
• Kill women who’ve been raped.
• Kill gays. A favorite means is to toss them off a tall building. Some, however, like to burn them alive.

The Democrat Party likes all these people. As long, of course, as they all…

• Vote overwhelmingly Democrat

• Then, how about Racial Discrimination? Racial discrimination against the majority white population of America is official government policy. We call it, “Affirmative Action,” and we pretend that it’s a good thing. We used to call that kind of thing, “Apartheid,” and we used to think it was a bad thing.

So, why wouldn’t the Democrats be just fine with all the people and groups of people who do all the things they so operatically condemn? This is the corrosive schizoid nature of the party that chooses to embrace victimhood as its principal electoral marketing tool.

People being people, the small pool of actual victims, and the much larger and fast growing pool of imaginary and fake victims, will always have a strong tension between each other. They’ll end up eventually coming to blows as the real victims recognize that their goodies are being stolen by the fake victims. And they’re all competing with each other for the shrinking pot of goodies.

That pot is finite, while human greed is… not. Hence the ever more obvious Disconnect on the Left. It’s a disconnect that can last only so long, before there are pitched battles, both among the so-called victim groups scrabbling for the ever smaller pot, as well as between the now mostly fake victim groups (real, actual  victims were long ago overwhelmed by those feigning grievance) and the productive working people who are sick and tired of providing freebies for them.

— xPraetorius


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