The Democrat Party’s General Plan to Win Power

The Democrat Party has a simple plan to win the hearts and minds of the American people, and so to win elections:

Cater to, even encourage, the very worst characteristics of human nature, then capitalize on the poverty, sickness, despair and death they bring about to develop a permanent power base. 

It should be noted that this has been the strategy of the worldwide Left since its inception.

Look at America today.

  • Got a bunch of drug addicts? Don’t demand that they overcome and get rid of their addiction… no, promise them clean, taxpayer-funded needles! Addiction.
  • Got a bunch of people who are too lazy to procure for themselves the actual marketable skills they know they need in order to prosper? Don’t tell them to grow up, learn a trade, get a job and get to work… no, give them taxpayer-funded welfare housing, food, medicine to allow them to remain in their degraded condition, and to pass their perverse values down to their offspring. Laziness.
  • Does male homosexual sex cause life-threatening diseases and tearing of the human body? Don’t tell gays to cut it out, to seek help for their abnormality… no, tell them that their obvious abnormality is normal, even noble, tell them that anyone who considers the counter-natural things they do to be dangerous, weird or harmful is an unenlightened bigot. Then give them massively costly, taxpayer-funded drugs, and tell them that they need to wear condoms when doing their death-dealing acts. Perversion.
  • Got millions of people hooked on opioid pain killers? Don’t tell them that they’re suffering from the consequences of their own actions, that they need to kick the habit, learn life and employment skills, find a job, become responsible members of society… no, tell them it’s an “epidemic,” a sickness, a crisis outside of their control, and that they need to demand taxpayer funds for treatment and assistance to “manage their addiction.” Laziness, addiction, greed all rolled up together.
  • Are there millions of black people refusing to take advantage of the massive opportunity throughout America to improve their condition through readily available and inexpensive education set aside just for them? Don’t tell them to get up and grab the opportunity for advancement that’s dangling in front of their faces… no, tell them instead that, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they’re merely downtrodden victims of some imperceptible state of mind in America doing its best to keep them down. Racism.
  • Are there hundreds of thousands of black and brown people in American inner cities preying on other black people, causing them misery, squashing the life out of them, killing them? Don’t tell these thugs to cut it out, that their activities are a sickness, that they need to stop the violence, get some skills, get a job, stay away from drugs, work hard and become productive members of a society waiting to welcome them with open arms… no, tell them they’re the victims; victims again of a faceless, unseen oppressor who guides their acts as if they’re nothing but marionettes on a string. Psychotic delusion.
  • Are there millions upon millions of women in America willing to produce children solely to get the state to pay them to live without working? Don’t tell them to get an education, get some skills, stop having children, get up off their backsides, get a job and earn a productive living… no, tell them the deck’s stacked against them, even though women now make up a majority of the work force, as well as a majority of all college graduates in America today. Laziness. Greed.

Addiction, laziness, psychotic delusion, perversion, greed, racism… these are all key pillars of the Democrat Party’s plan to obtain and retain power. It’s a cold, cruel, callous plan, that fully relies on keeping people who are engaged in self-destructive habits, both continuing down the path of their own ruination, and dependent on taxpayer generosity.

This plan is predicated on a simple sequence:

  1. Someone, or a large group of someones, has, through one of the above human failings, got him or herself into an untenable situation. Poor, sick, unskilled, unemployed, psychotic, addicted…
  2. He generally knows that he’s there because of his own muck-ups, but he’s open to an excuse, or excuses.
  3. The Democrat Party steps in and says, “Don’t worry, none of it’s your fault, really… You’re the victim. Vote for us, and we’ll allow you to keep on doing what you’re doing. And if anyone suggests otherwise, they’re the bad people. They’re bigots, or racists, or mean, or cruel”
  4. If someone pushes back, and says that maybe people ought to take some responsibility for their own lives, the Democrats say, “You heartless bastard! If you pull welfare now, people will die!” Or: “If you change Obamacare now, people will die!”

It’s easy to sell those messages to a bunch of people who’ve mucked up their lives.

Yet, no one seems to ask the simple, obvious question: “Why on earth would we ever put in place any kind of system or program that we know people will become dependent on before long?”

Read it well: The very assertion that people will die if  things like welfare or Obamacare are repealed or reformed, is by far the most eloquent, compelling, stark condemnation of welfare or Obamacare that anyone could ever possibly make. Someone should say that from the floor of the Senate, and of the House of Representatives. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Just as with any drug, you can get millions upon millions of people addicted to, and dependent upon, things like welfare, food stamps, Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, subsidized housing, or anything at all that comes to them without their having to earn it for themselves.

It’s not nearly so easy to sell the muck-ups on the idea that: “You need to stop doing what it is that mucked up your life, grow up, learn some skills and become productive.” Especially when the local Democrat Party operative, and all the media, are whispering in their ears that they can just keep on keepin’ on as they are now. Even though they know all this full well already.

Here’s the problem with all this: the Democrat Party plan will gain for them a loyal following, a dependable constituency willing to vote for them come hell or high water. But it will, of course, ruin the country. There’s only so much of that kind of degradation, deterioration and moral decay that a country can withstand before it degenerates into a Third World Hellhole. The very reason there are Third World Hellholes is because the majority of the people, as well as their rulers, in those benighted places exhibit all the above human failings in spades.

Oh, the Democrats don’t believe that their plan will bring the whole edifice crashing down around them. They think they can manage the poisons they’re injecting into the American bloodstream.

The other cruel hoax they’re playing on their poor victim constituencies is that the Democrats don’t give the tiniest hoot whether their voters live or die… just as long as they vote Democrat before they go.  Don’t believe me? Okay, here’s proof: black people are dying in droves in American inner cities. Millions more live in poverty, addiction, disease, and fear of violent death. These are cities long controlled, lock, stock and barrel, by the Democrat Party. Cities fully controlled by the Democrat Party for more than three generations. Have the Democrats ever thought that, maybe, just maybe, they should change, or better, get rid of, the policies that have plainly brought about such massive, widespread death and despair? Nope. Never. Not even a hint of it.

The Democrats are like the rest of the international Left: they respect only money and power. They think that poor people, black people, welfare women, drug addicts, gays, trans weirdos, criminals, brown people are inferior people, good for nothing more than voting Democrat, and doing the hard physical labor on the manicured lawns around the leftists’ mansions in their gated communities. After which, these people need either to leave the gated communities and go home to their hovels. or… die.

— xPraetorius








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