A Simple Observation About Obamacare

The very assertion that people will die if  Obamacare is repealed or reformed is by far the most eloquent, compelling, stark condemnation of Obamacare that anyone could ever possibly make.

Why on earth would anyone ever put in place a system or government program on which people would become so dependent that without it they’d die? It’s hard to think of a more immoral thing for a government to do.

Remember: there were people — lots of people — who made that same argument about slavery. “If we free the slaves now, many of them will die!” It  was a very real concern at the time. Should we not have abolished slavery?

Obamacare and slavery are uncomfortably similar things. Let’s never forget that, as with Obamacare, both the masters and the slaves were dependent on the institution of slavery.

With Obamacare, the masters are the insurance companies while the slaves are the ones dependent on taxpayer subsidies to pay their masters who profit handsomely from Americans’ dependence. There’s a reason, after all, Obamacare subsidy recipients are called a “captive market.”

Both the slavers and the slaves of Obamacare are now massively dependent upon each other, and both can be expected to fight vociferously this latest incarnation of slavery in America.

— xPraetorius


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