VERY Encouraging!

When CNN announced that they had very much engaged in genuine, authentic, true-blue, real… Fake News, regarding the Russia silliness, President Trump asked exactly the question that we would have asked immediately thereafter: What about all their other stories that, upon some inspection, would turn out to be faked as well? Furthermore, we’ve suggested that our confrères on the political Right should… MENTION THIS! Over and over and over and over and over and over again. Continue reading VERY Encouraging!

The Democrat Party’s General Plan to Win Power

The Democrat Party has a simple plan to win the hearts and minds of the American people, and so to win elections: Cater to, even encourage, the very WORST characteristics of human nature, then capitalize on the poverty, sickness, despair and death they bring about to develop a permanent power base.  It should be noted that this has been the strategy of the worldwide Left since its inception.  Continue reading The Democrat Party’s General Plan to Win Power

A Simple Observation About Obamacare

The very assertion that people will die if  Obamacare is repealed or reformed is by far the most eloquent, compelling, stark condemnation of  Obamacare that anyone could ever possibly make. Why on earth would we ever put in place a system or government program on which people would become so dependent that without it they’d die? It’s hard to think of a more immoral thing for a government to do. Continue reading A Simple Observation About Obamacare