Do You Realize…

… that the only constructive, imaginative, creative thinking that has any possibility whatsoever of actually advancing the human condition… comes either from the political center-right, or further right?

It’s astonishing! All of it.

In these pages, we’ve said numerous times that the Left are interested only in obtaining and retaining power. Their complete lack of policy proposals, alternatives or rational ideas, accompanied by their increasingly violent tactics designed to shut down any dissenting voices, convincingly supports this point.

Literally all the thinking of the Left consists of:

  • Old, tired, long discredited codswallop that’s already been tried, and produced nothing but misery and death on a massive scale. (This is the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren wing of the political Left.)
  • Divisive propaganda overtly designed to pit one group against another.
  • Thinking on how to package thuggery designed to silence substantive critics as some kind of palatable activity.

That’s it. That’s the entire world of 21st Century American leftist thinking.

It’s only on the Right that there remains any cohort supporting any truly revolutionary ideas. Ideas such as (1) power — actual power — to the people, (2) individual freedom and its concomitant individual responsibility, (3) the notion of the individual as an autonomous creature, neither requiring heavy-handed government oversight, nor serving merely as a function of his ability to be economically productive.

These are all truly revolutionary ideas, and they all exist exclusively on the Right.

Everything the Left stand for has either already been in existence for millennia (big central government power), or is a corrosive addition (the pitting of group against group, the violent squashing of dissenting voices) designed to bring about what’s already been in existence for millennia. And these pathetic throwbacks call themselves, “Progressives!” If that weren’t so consequential for the country, it’d be really funny.

The only thinking that actually promises to be something new and different — the removal of power from the central government, the transfer of power from the government to the people — lives on the Right. And it’s very, very new to world history. It is the most consequential contribution of Western civilization to the constant quest to improve the human condition.

It all came from those truly revolutionary words: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Think about that for a moment. Not the “created equal” part, but the “We hold these truths to be self-evident” part.

If, indeed, those truths are self-evident, as I believe they are, then rulers, holders of central power, throughout history have always known that they were holding down people who were their equals. Rulers and their hangers-on have long had a nasty habit of gathering and hoarding both treasure and power, and then keeping the people of their realms in squalor and poverty.

The examples are so rare, of enlightened rulers who’ve made a real effort to bring greater prosperity and/or freedom to their people, that the corrupting influence of power itself must be acknowledged. The Left always seek to gather more and more power into their hands.

When I say that all constructive, creative, positive and valid thinking exists on the Right, I mean all of it. The only thinking on the Left that’s not complete twaddle is that which says that we need less of the awfulness of… leftist thinking. In other words, the only valid political thought on the Left comes from those who say that we need less of the leftist poisons that have ruined the lives of so many millions of Americans. Not none of those poisons… just less of some of them.

Here’s a visual representation of what I’m talking about. It’s a diagram showing Left and Right, along with rough voting patterns, an explanation of the terms and a small box in the lower-right showing where valid political thought lives:

Democrat Voters Republican Voters

So… what, and more importantly who’s, what here?

Well, simplistically:

  • The Left-Left is Communists, Socialists, Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren, the various whining victim groups out there like Black Lives Matter, AntiFa, much of the American professoriate, hard-left feminists, Hollywood, pop culture, the media.
  • The Center-Left consists of some members of the Democrat Party in the Congress and in elective positions in America, as well as some of the media. Also: Democrat voters.
  • The Right-Left is the very left-wing of the Republican Party. A good number of Democrat voters are in here too. The Left-Right consists mainly of the rest of the left-wing of the Republican Party. These are the RiNOs — the Republicans in Name Only.
  • The Center-Right contains the majority of the Republican Party, the National Review wing of the Republican Party and of Conservatism. There are lots of Tea Partiers here, as there are even on the right side of the Left-Right, and on the left side of the Right-Right. However, most Tea Partiers sit solidly in the Center-Right.
  • On the Right-Right are Libertarians. Some Libertarian thinking is not good — things like the near total abolition of central government. Some, extremely limited, central government is desirable, even necessary.

The most alarming things here are:

  • If all substantive political thought lives on the right, or the far-right, then all meaningful political debate lives on the right or far-right as well. That’s a really bad thing. There should be an intelligent counter-weight coming from further left, because that will force the right-wing to think through its positions. If the only substantive challenges come from the margins of the same political wing then, just as what happened on the Left this past century, the thinking on the Right can get fat, flabby, lazy and flaccid too.
  • You can see how important voter turn-out is to the Right, and specifically to Republican and Conservative candidates for elective office. Fortunately, I guess, Democrat voters are, by definition, less engaged, less thoughtful, less informed, less intelligent, and… less likely to vote.

If you look at everything being said on the left side of that center fulcrum, you see nothing whatsoever having to do with ideas, or policy prescriptions, or vision; it’s all resist, resist, resist, and drum up hatred of President Trump. They have no ideas, because, well… they have no ideas.

Yet, they still want power.

Oh, the left side of the political spectrum isn’t entirely devoid of valid thought… they have, from time-to-time correctly identified problems in need of some kind of resolution. However, generally these are problems caused by… the Left, and it’s “solutions,” all of which always turn out to be worse than the problems themselves.

The very worst thing about the Left is their horrible proclivity for fabricating problems that never even existed in the first place. Examples: feminism, environmentalism, post Civil Rights race grievances, a whole host of other group grievances — gay, women, trans, environmental, muslim, illegal immigrant, income inequality. One of the most important lessons you can ever learn in your life is: The vast majority of the “issues” of the Left are… frauds. Fabrications. Scams. Fakes. Swindles.

Were you taken in?

The point: If you want to see where the world will end up, look to the thinking of the political right-wing in America today. If “evolution” is a thing, then the world will evolve toward the most advanced thinking there is. That’s, let’s face it, obviously on the political Right. The only question is when will the rest of the world understand this?(1)

— xPraetorius


(1) The answer is when:

  • America keeps a leadership interested in real progress in the human condition. The hopelessly reactionary America Left is interested only in power, while the American political right has a powerful instinct to real progress toward human betterment. It’s important that the American political Right either retain power, or exert sufficient influence on the thoroughly corrupt political Left in order not to allow them to backtrack too much.
  • The rest of the world’s leadership recognizes the inevitability of the triumph of right-wing thinking.
  • The rest of the world’s leadership catches up with their peoples, and understands the ugliness of centralized power. The evidence has long been there. It’s just a question of when the world’s leaders will be either (1) sufficiently intelligent to recognize it, or (2) sufficiently honest to admit it.



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