Today’s Attempted Assassinations – Some Remarks

June 14, 2017

Today a left-wing lunatic went out and shot up a bunch of Republicans because they’re Republicans. No one killed… yet. Congressman Steve Scalise in a hospital in critical but stable condition. He’s expected to make it.

You and I both know that there will be a tsunami of solemn words about civility, and gun control, and on and on.

The shooter was (he died at the scene; shot by Capitol Hill police) a big Bernie Sanders supporter. Not surprising. This is the Left. Look at today’s college campuses.

Bernie Sanders “condemned this action in the clearest possible terms.” But Bernie Sanders is an enthusiastic supporter of an ideology — Socialism — that is the greatest single cause of violent death in history… except for time. Sanders should be deeply embarrassed at “condemning violence,” but he’s too stupid, or corrupt, or evil to feel embarrassment, or to understand the concept of irony.

Bernie Sanders condemning violence is like Shaquille O’Neal condemning tallness. The shooter, like Sanders, was a Socialist. Is it okay to call this left-wing lunatic a “hater?” 🙂 By “left-wing lunatic,” I meant the shooter. I understand your confusion.(1)

Expect bunches and bunches of us right-wingers to admonish other right-wingers not to blame anyone but the would-be assassin. Okay.

But, let’s not forget:

  • The left political wing in America is all about controlling you and me(2).
  • The right political wing’s principal core belief is, to summarize: leaving people alone.

Which political tendency, do you think, will produce the most political violence in the future? There’s a very easy answer to that question: Just look at which political tendency has already produced the vast majority of political violence: The Left. By a margin of 99% to less than 1%. All around the world.

They’re very practiced at this, are the Left. Around the world, the Left is solely responsible for the following:

  • 40-60 million murdered in the Soviet Union in the 20th Century alone.
  • 80 million slaughtered in Communist China in only the latter half of the 20th Century.
  • Throughout the 20th Century, in Cambodia, Vietnam, North Korea, Africa, South America, Cuba, Venezuela, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and others: tens of millions more massacred, bludgeoned, starved, buried alive, butchered, shot, hanged, beaten to death… all slain in support of the Left’s putrid “contribution” to the world’s sad, bloody history: Socialism.

We shouldn’t be shocked at today’s violence. The American Left are, today, busily, frenziedly building a climate in which nutballs near the brink will go over the edge and do what today’s shooter did. Again, look at college campuses, and… look at what’s already happened around the world. The Left are busily trying to bring all that here to America.

There simply are no right-wing groups anywhere in the world perpetrating political violence. There are, though, many, many left-wing groups in America, and around the world, that are committing political violence.

Expect more of this in the future.

— xPraetorius


(1) To be absolutely clear, I’m not accusing Shaquille O’Neal of being a left-wing lunatic. I am accusing the 7’4″ O’Neal of being tall. Really tall. I apologize in advance to Shaquille O’Neal for including him in the same paragraph with unsavory characters like Bernie Sanders and today’s would-be assassin.

(2) This is one of the reasons for which the Left love their precious little muslims so much: The American Left — and a majority of worldwide muslims — are just fine with other people dying.


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