I Don’t Use the Term “African-American” — Here’s Why…

It’s kind of simple: If you have the unspeakable good fortune to have been born in America, then you have the precious right to call yourself an American. That’s a gift that should make you drop to your knees in tearful gratitude to God.

If you look at all people who have ever lived, then you beat — roughly — 350-1 odds to have been born in this place at this time.  Think about it for a moment: would you bet anything important if the odds that you were going to win were 350 to one against you?

In other words, if you get to call yourself an American — something that more than 7 billion other people would give an arm or a leg to be able to do — and you choose not to… then, I’m sorry, you’re a blithering idiot.

To call black people “African Americans” is to call them blithering idiots. Black Americans are not blithering idiots, so I refuse to call them that.

— xPraetorius


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