NPR Watch (6/13/17) – Interdisciplinary Scientist Unwittingly Nails It

This morning on National Public Radio’s fake news program, Morning Edition, the hostette, one Rachel Martin, was interviewing a guy named Lanier. He’s an “Interdisciplinary Scientist and Philosopher” with Microsoft. Or so he says… whatever that is.

Martin asked him some question or other — I’m not sure what it was, but I heard the response. Lanier said something to the effect of (paraphrasing): “I’m leery of asking corporations (Editor’s note: in the form of social media companies, search engines and other technology companies) to police hate speech or meanness. They’re not set up to do that, and we risk putting in place some kind of nanny state with corporate overseers.” Lanier continued, “That’s why we have to rely on the government, acting with citizen groups to [do the above-mentioned policing].” (emphasis added)

Yep. Lanier nailed it! He stated, in perfectly succinct, concise fashion, the foundational misconception, misunderstanding, error, mistake, flaw… that is the very cornerstone of leftist thinking: that the government has an interest in resolving societal problems.

If the Left understood the following correct re-statement of Lanier’s blunder, then many of society’s most intransigent problems would disappear in less than a generation. And I’m speaking of hunger, poverty, racial strife… they’d all disappear as meaningful problems in less than a generation.

Here’s a correct re-statement of Lanier’s fundamental error:

Like corporations, the government is — in no way, shape or form — set up to resolve societal problems.

By way of a small thought exercise, see if you can estimate how many government employees at any level, in any department, in any office of the government are asking themselves each morning: “What can I do to work myself out of a job today?” Or: “What can I do today that will contribute to a resolution of the problem that my department was founded to address, so that all my marketable skills will be useless… and I’ll be out of a job?”

Right. Not a one. Not a single solitary one. Except the occasional idealistic, ideological cabinet secretary, who actually might want to render his own cabinet post unnecessary. Bill Bennett comes to mind. Remember when he abolished the Department of Education? Yeah. Me neither. And, few recall, he did want to.

So, this guy, Lanier, mentioned above, thinks that the government is the only entity set up to resolve society’s problems! Has this so-called “philosopher” ever examined the word “govern?”

Nowhere in that word is the concept of “help,” or “improve things.” The word is, however, overflowing with the ideas: “control,” and “manipulate,” and “boss,” and “oversee,” and “limit,” and… “rule.”

No, government has only two functions: (1) to control you and me, and (2) to protect and perpetuate itself.

That’s it.

Does Lanier really think that the government won’t set up a nanny state?!? Is this guy brain-dead?!? Has this so-called “thinker” ever read any freakin’ history?!? Has he ever been outside a hermetically-sealed leftist echo chamber?!? Is he really that much of a blithering half-wit?!?


So, how can societal problems be resolved? Easy: society does it. And society actually does do it. Whenever the government steps in, it either exacerbates a problem that already exists, or it makes new ones.

Few know, for example, that the Jim Crow Laws, and segregation were government policies. Set up, by the way, by racist Southern Democrats. Before the Jim Crow laws, Southern white and black people were engaging freely in commerce, and the black population was making great economic advances. Well, racist Southern Democrats couldn’t have that, so they promulgated the Jim Crow laws and instituted policies of segregation. The government stepped in and manufactured a serious problem where there was none before that.

Then actual people stepped in, revolted against the unjust laws and policies, and forced the government to rescind them. And they forced the Supreme Court to recognize the blatant unconstitutionality of the practices.

Absent that active citizen involvement, we’d still have a lot of toxic sludge in place in America.

More to the point, the only resolution to societal problems comes from the citizenry. Not that they always get it right, but they eventually get it right… and they get it right a whole heckuva lot more often than the government… which nearly always gets it wrong. Again, because the government’s just not set up to resolve problems.

Well, two things came out of this morning’s interview on NPR: (1) Lanier said some really half-witted slop that reflects the lazy, half-baked, infantile thinking that is at the very center of all leftist thinking, and (2) NPR considered it great stuff.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “NPR Watch (6/13/17) – Interdisciplinary Scientist Unwittingly Nails It

  1. My mouth is still hanging open after reading what he said. Thank goodness for social technology after all.
    Their utter willing blindness to the obvious makes them blithering idiots. I’m leery of letting corporations control the water problem. We’d better let the ocean do it.

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