NPR Watch (6/10/17) – All Grievance All The Time

I had to run an errand over the weekend. The errand involved a road trip of a couple of hours, so off I went. On the way, I figured I’d do as I usually do, and turn on the propaganda arm of the American Left, aka National Public Radio. NPR.

It was sufficiently early in the morning for them to be airing their weekly Fake News broadcast: Weekend Edition, with its hyper-earnest anchorette Lourdes “Lulu” Garcia-Navarro.

One thing struck me: Every single last segment of the broadcast was about the hot-button grievances of today. Every segment. It was a wall-to-wall whine fest in the guise of “news.”

For example: There was a news item last week about new astronauts being selected for service at Nasa. Turns out there were some 18,000 applicants, of whom only 12 made the cut. So, whom does Lulu decide to interview? Of course: The black woman who made it!

First remark: you and I both know that if the top 1,000 applicants had been, for whatever reason, all white men — head and shoulders above all other applicants — the new astronaut group still would not have consisted of only white men.

It’s important to know this because that’s what we do in America with other important fields as well: teachers, doctors, nurses, city administrators, etc.

Okay. Whatever. That’s the toxic landscape that we have made for ourselves.

So, on comes this lady astronaut, and what do you think she talks about? Yep. How all-fired important it was that she was a black woman who made it into the astronaut corps. Now, mind you, this was a woman who just might have had something actually interesting to say! And all she talked about was how important it was that she be seen to have made it so that others who look like her can believe they have a shot at it too.

And, when have you, in your recollection, not heard this message? Is there really some Rip Van Winkle group of people who’ve been sleeping these past decades who’ve not heard this message? Really?

Furthermore, it’s kind of important to remember: if you take out all other factors, and pretend that the black lady astronaut didn’t make it because she’s black and because she’s a woman, then the very best shot she could possibly have had was: one tiny chance in 1,500.

That’s hardly a message that says: you can make it too. Whether she wants to admit it or not, her real message to other black girls is: “play the grievance card, and you can get a favored spot in line, regardless of your real qualifications”.

Now, I don’t know this woman at all. She might have been by far the most qualified astronaut candidate from among all 18,000 applicants, but I can tell you that the cloud of suspicion that she might not be as qualified as many who didn’t make the grade will hang forever over her head, and that’s a real shame.

Even worse, NPR made this poor woman, who just may have accomplished something really special, into little more than another whining Race Grievance Industry hack. By implication, NPR cast doubt on her real qualifications to be a member of the American astronaut corps. What a shame.

This is one important way the American Left dehumanize their grievance group clients. They reduce black Americans, women, gays, brown Americans, muslims and the rest, down to only their superficial, grievance-marketable characteristics. If any member of one of the perpetually aggrieved groups expresses any independent thought whatsoever, then they ostracize him and declare that he doesn’t belong to the group anymore.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “NPR Watch (6/10/17) – All Grievance All The Time

  1. You nailed it, all whine and grievance all the time. On a personal level, that’s really unhealthy. No wonder we have issues with depression in this country! Also, it’s a setup for failure. Like it or
    not we cannot all grow up to be an astronaut. We can work in related areas and satisfy those desires, but some jobs are very limited. So if you are raised believe anyone can grow up to be an astronaut, you’re now a failure for being unable to achieve what allegedly “anyone” can. That’s either going to be your fault or the fault of sexism, racism, etc..

  2. Thanks, IB!

    Your comments reflect exactly what I was thinking. We hear people say silly things as: “Now that Barack Obama has been the President anyone can grow up to become President.”


    Only a very, very, very select few can ever grow up to become the President.

    However, there is a truth, that we’ve all known for a very long time: Obama and the astronaut mentioned in the essay above prove, really beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there simply are no longer any artificial societal limitations on anyone’s ascent to a high station in life.

    We’ve all known that for a very long time, and it’s way, way, way past time for the media to stop beating (bleating?) the dead horse of white racism, or sexism, or homophobia, or any of the other in their long litany of whines. Those things are all long gone as meaningful problems in America. And as small problems, there’s recourse for anyone who believes himself or herself to be a victim of them.

    The media who cried wolf have been crying wolf for so long that more and more Americans are simply responding, “Yeah…whatever.”


    — x

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