A Great Read!

I haven’t had the opportunity lately to peruse one of my favorite conservative media outlets: Takimag. I like it especially because its founder, Taki Theodoracopulos, apparently hires columnists who pull no punches. As all of you who read these pages know, we (1) pull no punches, and (2) appreciate those who pull no punches.

Here’s a great read on Takimag. The essay is titled: Stealth Jews and it’s a discourse on the cleverness of the Jewish people in being Jewish either from an ethnic, nationalistic, religious or racial standpoint, as a given situation might dictate. However, this is only the author’s secondary point. He uses this point to make the larger point that the current howling leftist obsession with identity politics is… stupid.

Here’s a particularly brilliant snippet from this brilliant essay:

Now, while I admit to taking pleasure in the whole multiple and utilitarian identities thing, I have to add that Jews abuse it a lot. During last year’s primaries, one of my left-leaning friends—a Jew, and a damn smart one at that—wrote an essay about how, should Sanders win the nomination, the GOP will attack him out of “anti-Semitism.” This was written at a time when the Hillary camp was pounding Sanders in public (and wrecking his chances of victory in private). This was written at a time when Black Lives Matter protesters were storming his campaign stops to berate him and his supporters. And yet my friend never once accused Hillary, her people, or the BLM screech owls of anti-Semitism. Because as long as it was Clinton versus Sanders, Sanders was white, and Hillary’s attacks were just one white person slamming another. The minute it looked like Sanders might actually get the nomination, once it seemed as though his next foes would be Republican, he became a Jew, and any and all criticism would now become anti-Semitism!

BLM screech owls” … Good one!

The entire piece is well worth the read.

One additional note: Takimag’s other columnists are excellent too. They even have the great Theodore Dalrymple (aka: Anthony Daniels) whose long exposé of the British underclass is clear-eyed and eye-opening.

— xPraetorius



3 thoughts on “A Great Read!

  1. I enjoy that site too, thanks for noting it here as a reminder! I’ve been reading Theodore Dalrymple for years, definitely one of my favorites.

    1. Thanks, Tricia! I’m glad to hear that you like Takimag too. Theodore Dalrymple is a trenchant observer, and I have to admit that his portrait of the the youth of England — something I read at least a decade ago — was deeply dismaying. However, one needs to be aware of the sources of dismay if one is going to make a real effort to banish them, eh? 🙂


      — x

      1. So true x, always best to be aware of reality, even if it’s rather ugly. TD’s long history of working in UK prisons (in psychiatry I believe?) gives him a perspective on human nature most will never grasp. I wish he were more read over here across the pond.

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